School to celebrate McPherson birth

CLYDE – Clyde-Green Springs Board of Education learned of an upcoming special occasion Monday evening.

Gen. James McPherson, portrayed by Scott Thomas, is to visit McPherson Middle School for the 185th anniversary of his birth Nov. 14.

Students are to be served cake during their lunch periods and will have an opportunity to interact with the general at that time. He also is to visit classes during the day.

The program is being presented by the Clyde Heritage League and the Clyde Public Library.

Superintendent David Stubblebine reported on the evacuation times at all schools during their practice session. He asked the board’s permission for him to have the discretion in deciding which teachers should attend trainings. He informed board members that they are considering grading students on character separately instead of including it in the overall grade, which should cover the knowledge learned in the class only.

Several principals noted how their teachers are benefitting from collaboration sessions, finding ways they can help each other.

McPherson Middle School is reviewing and developing a new form for reporting bullying incidents by the students.

School Treasurer Joyce DuPont said the Straight A state grant had $100 million available this year. Clyde-Green Springs applied for $1.3 million and have learned that requests have been made for $868 million statewide. Award letters are to be sent Dec. 17 and funds awarded must be spent by June 2014.

DuPont reviewed the five-year forecast that revealed 50 percent of revenues come from the state, 27 percent is provided by property taxes and 10 percent from income taxes. The district gained $48,000 from casino funds last year and has received $53,000 so far this year, and she estimates another $28,000 for this year. The district gained more than $600,000 in open enrollment fees.

The district expended $300,000 last year for alternate school students. Fifty-three percent of expenditures is for salaries while 10 percent is for retirement/insurance costs. Bus fleet fuel costs ran $150,000 last year.

The district is considering every day, all day kindergarten classes.

The Toledo Symphony Orchestra is to preform at Clyde High School Dec. 6.

In other news, the board:

Approved staff personnel actions.

Employed substitute teachers for 2013-14 school year on a one-year limited contract.

Employed classified substitutes for the school year on a one-year limited contract.

Employed certificated staff for extra duty positions for the school year.

Employed non-certificated people for positions for the school year.

Allowed Matt Jenne to volunteer as a 9th grade boys basketball coach.

Approved the contract with Renhill Group for handling placement and staffing of substitute services.

Accepted gifts and donations to the schools.

The board is to meet at 6 p.m. Nov. 25.