Republic, Lions talk structure

REPUBLIC – Council members discussed the park issues with Lions Club president Denny Breyman at a village council meeting Monday evening. Breyman wanted to know what the organization has to do about having the concession stand issue corrected.

Mayor Bruce Lambert said he spoke with state inspector Mike Rey and the inside of the concession stand needs more finish work done before its final inspection. No occupancy is allowed in the building at present and the electric meter has been removed from the building and tagged. Lambert presented papers to Breyman explaining the items to be corrected before a structural and electrical inspection is done with an approval date.

He recommended the Lions Club contact the state inspector for an explanation.

Insurance for the facility came up. Breyman believed the organization has liability coverage but will verify that. It also was questioned if the village needs coverage.

Once again, the formation of a committee consisting of council and Lions Club members was brought up to keep both entities better informed.

Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf’s report noted the village would be doing an early release from its lagoon. The lagoon only has a holding capacity for nine months instead of the scheduled yearly release. The EPA is to be doing testing that will cost the village added expenses if changes need to be made.

Resident Kathy Falter approached council, asking about the two ash trees cut down in her front yard. She was advised to contact Hoepf about stump removal and having the wood removed.

Fiscal Officer Monique Delaney submitted the financial report, and said there is $1,110,000 in all funds with $600,000 invested. Auditor of State Dave Yost previously told council it could pay for electrical work done from the pole to the Lions Club concession stand at the park from the electrical fund. When the total bill from Clouse Electric for the village’s part of the project and the cost of wiring the stand arrived, Lambert feels the stand’s electrical expenses should not come from the electrical fund because it is neither operations nor maintenance.

After further discussion, council reallocated $2,700 in appropriations from the General Fund to other contractual services to pay Clouse Electric for the Lions Club electrical service and then moved to pay Clouse Electric $2,657.60.

Members also reallocated $7,000 from capital outlay to other contractual services within the electrical fund for payment of tree trimming services.

In other business, council:

Adopted the ordinance approving the disposition of property unneeded, obsolete or unfit for municipal purposes.

Discussed public records training for all council members.

Discussed updating the village website.

Discussed the Brickner property demolition.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 4.