Dixson defense calls no witnesses

At the end of the third day in the trial of Calvin B. Dixson, the man accused of shooting two women in Fostoria, killing one and injuring the other, his attorney asked the judge to acquit Dixson of charges of aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder.

Seneca County Common Pleas Court Judge Steve Shuff, who is presiding over the jury trial, denied the request, saying sufficient evidence had been presented for the jury to decide whether Dixson, 37, is guilty of the charges.

Following three days of testimony from several witnesses, including shooting victim Tyeesha Snowden, the state rested its case Wednesday. Dean Henry, Dixson’s attorney, also rested Wednesday. He called no witnesses.

Danielle Stowers, the daughter of Lisa Stowers, 50, of Springfield, who was killed in the July 28 shooting, took the stand again Wednesday.

She testified she had just left a vehicle in the driveway of 245 Bannister St. when a man opened fire on Lisa Stowers and Snowden, 36, of Fostoria, who still were in the vehicle.

Danielle Stowers told the jury Wednesday that she was unaware of any bad blood between Dixson, Snowden’s estranged boyfriend, and her mother. Danielle, who on Tuesday identified Dixson as the man who approached the vehicle, said Wednesday that she did not see anyone else in the vicinity of the residence or vehicle before the shooting.

Detective Gabe Wedge of the Fostoria Police Department, who led the investigation, also took the stand Wednesday.

He explained the steps of the investigation following the shooting. He showed the jury a yellow safety vest that was collected as evidence from a pickup truck believed to have belonged to Dixson. Wedge also led them through a surveillance video from Gander Mountain, an outdoors store in Holland, Ohio. In the video, taken just days before the Fostoria shooting, two black men, one wearing a yellow safety vest, are purchasing bullets.

Wedge told the jury that, based on evidence and on the 9 mm rounds removed from the victims, he concluded that a handgun was used in the shooting. He said a handgun was never retrieved from Dixson or from his truck or pull-along camper that were confiscated in Cleveland.

During cross-examination of Wedge Wednesday, Henry pointed out that the testimony of Robin Palmer, a next-door neighbor on Bannister Street who witnessed a man approach the vehicle, was contrary to her written and oral statements made to police. On Monday, she testified that Dixson was the man she saw walk across a field and approach the vehicle at 245 Bannister St. She said she then heard what sounded like a brick of firecrackers go off.

Henry said in her written and oral statements made to police following the shooting, Palmer told police she did not recognize the man as Snowden’s estranged boyfriend because he was too far away.

“On Monday, she was clear about who the individual was,” Henry said.

Wedge testified Wednesday that Monday was the first he had heard Palmer say she recognized the man as Dixson.

Lucas County Corner Maneesha Pandey, who performed the autopsy on Lisa Stowers, also testified Wednesday. She said Stowers died of multiple gunshot wounds, which were primarily on the right side of her body.

Today, closing arguments are to be made in the courtroom and the case is expected to go to deliberation.