Board learns about Extension office

OSU Extension Interim County Director for Seneca County Kathy Booher reported on the OSU Extension office at the Seneca County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday.

Booher, who also is the Ottawa County director, is acting as interim director for Seneca County until a replacement is found. She said the office hopes to post the position in December.

She said the extension is looking to fill the agriculture educator and family and consumer sciences educator position in the future if the county agrees to appropriate the funding.

She said she would like to consider a county needs assessment to move forward.

Booher said the extension also would like to look into filling the 4-H educator position.

Commissioner Holly Stacy asked if the position could be joined with the county chair, and Booher said it was a possibility, but the interview committee would have to look at the applicant pool to determine the plausibility of the position.

She invited the board to sit on the interview committee, and Stacy agreed to join.

Bob Fink of Maximus Inc. spoke about the county’s indirect cost allocation plan. The plan allows the county to determine what costs go to each department under non-general fund accounts.

Fink explained the process and how the plan benefits the county. He also said federal funding is available for certain departments.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller asked whether the board could add the new phone system to the 2014 allocation.

Fink said if the phone system was specific to a certain building, it would be allocated to the number of people in the building. He also said the useful life of the item would have to be considered.

He said the 2014 plan could be revised if the board requested.

Stacy provided more information on setting aside funds for the proposed justice center.

She looked into the cost of the software upgrade, phone improvements and new county tractors.

She said if the board were to set aside $300,000 for the justice center, the county would have a projected carryover of $750,000 without adjustments.

Commission President Jeff Wagner said that he would support such a move under the expectation that with the limited carryover the board would be unable to fund all projects that would come before the board in the coming months.

The board is to prepare a resolution allowing the funding at a later meeting.

Stacy also spoke about the Ohio House of Representatives hearings on reforming indigent defense fund. If the bill passes the House and Senate, the responsibility of paying for indigent defense will go to the state.

She suggested sending letters in support of the legislation.

Wagner said the Ditch Hearing Bill has been introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives and has had two hearings in the Ohio Senate. He said he has submitted testimony to support the bill.

Due to the County Commissioners Association of Ohio meeting Dec. 10, the board meeting is moved to Dec. 12.

In new business, the board approved:

Authorizing an appropriation adjustment of $8,000 within the General Fund.

Authorizing the disposal of unneeded, obsolete or unfit county owned property.

Amending Section 3.03 (Employment Status) of the Personnel Policy Manual effective Jan. 1.

Authorizing Amendment No. 1 with Seneca County Agency Transportation contract on behalf of Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services.

Designating the official representative and alternative for the purpose of voting at the annual meeting of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio in 2013.

Bill vouchers.