Academy gets grant for camera

Bridges Community Academy has received a grant from the Tiffin Charitable Foundation to implement a security camera at the school’s main entrance.

The grant for $1,100 came from the White Family Charitable Fund.

“I am more than grateful to Tiffin Charitable Foundation,” said Bridges Director Dona Kaufman. “BCA’s location in the lower level of a building where young students learn and where elderly residents live makes it extra important that safety always comes first.”

Kaufman said she is looking at a screen from her desk showing any unusual or dangerous activity outside of the entrance door.

“BCA has provided ALICE training to our staff on how to be proactive if any dangerous situation should arise. This grant has permitted us to purchase the equipment to be ready before anyone can enter the building,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman said staff members David Pawsey and Gerri Stanko initiated and wrote the application for the grant.