2 arrested on warrants in sheriff’s lobby

Two friends were arrested on warrants through Fostoria Police Department at Seneca County Sheriff’s Office Sunday evening when they were attempting to visit an inmate.

Deputy Justin Nowak said Aranica J. Bennett, 23, of Tiffin, and Crystal S.L. Kamp, 26, of Fostoria, were charged through the same case that involved forgery and theft.

Bennett’s charges were four counts of fraud, four counts of receiving stolen property and two counts of theft. Five of the charges are fifth-degree felonies, and the other five are first-degree misdemeanors. Kamp’s charges were two counts of theft and two counts of receiving stolen property, all first-degree misdemeanors.

Nowak said the women had come to the jail to visit Bennett’s husband.

Nowak was in the dispatch center retrieving paperwork when he saw Bennett depositing money into a machine for her husband. Knowing she had several felony warrants, Nowak, along with Deputy Troy Gibson, went to the lobby.

“(We) placed the woman in custody,” he said.

Nowak said Bennett told the jail staff Kamp, her friend, also was involved and was awaiting visitation in the lobby. He said he and Gibson went to the lobby and took Kamp, who also had multiple warrants, into custody.

Bennett and Kamp were being held in Seneca County Jail Sunday evening.

Sunday was the second day in a row Nowak made an arrest on felony warrants in the sheriff’s office lobby.