Wyandot County Fair results, Sept. 13

Junior Fair

Junior Fair King

and Queen

King: Danial Maltsbarger, son of Sharon and Doug Maltsbarger, Upper Sandusky FFA and Marseilles Livewires 4-H Club; Runner Up: Brady Kohlenberg, son of Nicky and Jim Kohlenberg, Mohawk FFA; Court Member: Dillon Davidson, son of Tonya Davidson and Scott Davidson, Upper Sandusky FFA.

Queen: Sammi Walter, daughter of Lisa and Brad Walter, Riverdale FFA and Wharton Busy Bees 4-H Club; Runner Up: Morgan Lynch, daughter of Tamara and John Lynch, Kids Got the Spirit 4-H Club; Court Members: Kayla Counts, daughter of Jackie and Richard Counts, 4-Ever Kids 4-H Club; Ciara Long, daughter of Deb and Carl Long, Mohawk FFA, Kids Got the Spirit 4-H Club; Angela Massara, daughter of Julia and John Massara, Jackson Country 4-H’ers 4-H Club.

School Arts

Best of Show: Michelle Oliver; Honorable Mention: Alexis Cameron; Taylor Clark; Katie Clevenger; Alexis Fogle; Victoria Hurley; Molly Owens; Emma Smith.

4-H Booths

Best Display of Projects: Wyandot Power and Pride.

Most Creative: Carey Patriots.

Most Eye Catching: Town and Country 4-H.

Honorable Mention: 4-Ever Kids.

Scout Booths

Best Display of Projects: Cub Scouts No. 125.

Most Creative: Upper Sandusky Girl Scouts No. 2151.

Most Eye Catching: Carey Girl Scouts.

Honorable Mention: Boy Scouts No. 125; Carey Cub Scouts No. 51; Emanuel Troop No. 777.



Junior Holstein: Mack Boes, Kirby Bells; Reserve: Monte Boes, Kirby Bells.

Holstein Female: Josh Amert, Wyandot County Shepherds; Reserve: Mack Boes.

Overall Junior: Mack Boes; Reserve: Monte Boes.

Grand Champion Over All Breeds: Josh Amert; Reserve: Mack Boes.

Champion of Champion Blanket: Josh Amert.


Junior: 1st, Owen Rothlisberger, Wyandot Power and Pride; 2nd, Damien Pahl, Kirby Bells; 3rd, Trenton Beamer, River Roundup; 4th, Luke Amert, Wyandot County Shepherds; 5th, Cade Rothlisberger, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Senior: 1st, Jake Walter, Riverdale FFA; 2nd, Mack Boes, Kirby Bells; 3rd, Emily Walter, Riverdale FFA.

Showman of Showmen: 1st, Josh Amert; 2nd, Seth Rothlisberger; 3rd, Monte Boes.

Float Awards

1st, Girl Scout Troop 2151.

2nd, Tied: McCutchenville Pack 400 Cub Scouts; Trails End 4-H.



Outstanding Garden-ing/Crop Exhibit: Cody McClain, Upper Sandusky; Reserve: Caleb Bollinger, Mohawk.

Outstanding Shop: Katie Driggers, Carey; Reserve: Laine Wentling, Carey.


Champion Gilts

Light Weight: Lydia Coldiron, Mohawk FFA; Reserve: Christy Wickiser, Carey Boys.

Medium Weight: Grace Fox, Carey Boys; Reserve: Coby Frey, Kirby Bells.

Heavy Weight: Ryan Lininger, Kids Got the Spirit; Reserve: Chase Wagner, Carey Boys.

Champion Gilt: Ryan Lininger; Reserve: Chase Wagner.

Champion Barrows

Light Weight: Zane Kitzler, Salem Boosters; Reserve: Hannah Ziegler, Barnyard Critters.

Medium Weight: Carrigan Vent, Kirby Bells; Reserve: Logan Tschanen, Upper Sandusky FFA.

Heavy Weight: Ben Lininger, Kids Got the Spirit; Reserve: Kaden Frey, Town and Country.

Champion Barrow: Ben Lininger; Reserve: Kaden Frey.

Grand Champion Market Hog: Ben Lininger; Reserve: Kaden Frey.

Production Pair

Market Hogs

(All from Carey Boys)

Champion: Luke Vaughn; Reserve: Joanna Worst; 3rd, Chase Wagner; 4th, Emma Wagner; 5th, Derek Wentling; 6th, Gwen Wentling; 7th, Tyler Hucke; 8th, Noel Orians; 9th, Bryce Orians.


Beginner: 1st, Drew Lininger, Kids Got the Spirit; 2nd, Savannah Kinley, Salem Boosters; 3rd, Emma Wagner; 4th, Liam Shellhouse, Kids Got the Spirit; 5th, Jacob Coldiron, Kids Got the Spirit; 6th, Emma Dukes, Wharton Busy Bees.

Junior: 1st, Jarod Fox, Carey; 2nd, Reagan Ward, River Roundup; 3rd, Grace Fox; 4th, Aiden Ventz, Kirby Bells; 5th, Jared Lehnhart, Salem Country Kids; 6th, Parker Frombaugh, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Senior: 1st, Christy Wickiser; 2nd, Brian Bils, Pipe Town 4-H’ers; 3rd, Kevin Lonsway, Mohawk FFA; 4th, Jeran Ward, River Roundup; 5th, Katelynn Kinley, Knights of Eden; 6th, Shelby Kinley, Salem Boosters.

Senior Fair

Grain, Seeds,


and Fruit



Any Haven: 1st, Mary Grundtisch.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Dwight Grundtisch.


Bartlett: 2nd, Rosy Binau; 3rd, Berny Billock.

Kieffer: 1st, Bonnie Castanien, Upper Sandusky.

Sugar: 1st, Bonnie Castanien.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Berny Billock; 2nd, Rosy Binau.


Concord: 2nd, Berny Billock.


Quinces: 1st, Teresa Amert.

Best of Show, Fruit: Mary Grundtisch.

Culinary Division

Canned Goods


Elderberries: 1st, Mark Reed, Sycamore.

Yellow Peaches: 1st, Joann Alkire, Carey; 2nd, Kent Wheeler, Upper Sandusky.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Janis Wickham, Upper Sandusky.


Green Beans: 1st, Kent Wheeler; 2nd, Mark Reed; 3rd, Joann Alkire.

Beets: 1st, Mark Reed; 2nd, Sylvia Conner, Sycamore.

Carrots: 2nd, Christine Vent, Upper Sandusky; 3rd, Mark Reed.

Corn: 2nd, Mark Reed.

White Potatoes: 3rd, Juli Weininger, Sycamore.

Sauerkraut: 2nd, Christine Vent.

Whole Red Tomatoes: 1st, Berny Billock, Upper Sandusky.

Tomato Juice: 1st, Reta Hackworth, Carey.

Any Kind Not Listed: 1st, Kent Wheeler.


Beef: 1st, Mary Boyce; 3rd, Christine Vent.

Chicken: 1st, Christine Vent.

Best of Class: Mary Boyce.

Butter, Jams

and Jellies

Peach Jam: 3rd, Bailey Morgan, Sycamore.

Black Raspberry Jam: 2nd, Mark Reed.

Any Jam Not Listed: 2nd, Sylvia Conner; 3rd, Mark Reed.

Blackberry Jelly: 2nd, Rose Hawkins, Upper Sandusky.

Grape Jelly: 1st, Sylvia Conner.

Red Raspberry Jelly: 1st, Juli Weininger; 2nd, Joe Weininger, Sycamore.

Strawberry Jelly: 1st, Mark Reed.

Any Jelly Not Listed: 1st, Sylvia Conner; 2nd, Paula Ritter, Carey; 3rd, Joann Alkire.

Pickled Fruits

and Vegetables

Dill Pickles: 1st, Joann Alkire; 2nd, Lauren Bush, Upper Sandusky; 3rd, Paula Ritter.

Beets: 1st, Christine Vent; 2nd, Sylvia Conner; 3rd, Joann Alkire.

Bread and Butter Pickles: 1st, Joann Alkire; 2nd, Christine Vent.

Pickle Relish: 2nd, Reta Hackworth; 3rd, Christine Vent.

Vegetable Relish: 1st, Paula Ritter.

Salsa: 3rd, Paula Ritter.

Any Kind Not Listed: 1st, Joann Alkire; 2nd, Michelle Niederhouser, Sycamore.

Best of Class: Christine Vent.


Dried Fruit: 1st, Berny Billock.

Dried Vegetables: 1st, Joann Alkire.

Honey, Extracted: 2nd, Don Wilson, Upper Sandusky.

Honey, Comb: 1st, Don Wilson.

Brown Eggs: 1st, Teresa Amert, Upper Sandusky; 2nd, Berny Billock; 3rd, Juli Weininger.

Best of Class: Berny Billock.

Candies, Senior

Chocolate Fudge: 1st, Sylvia Conner; 2nd, Christine Vent.

Peanut Brittle: 1st, Ann LaBolt, Carey; 2nd, Sylvia Conner.

Peanut Clusters: 3rd, Sylvia Conner.

Hard Tack: 2nd, Mark Reed.

Peanut Butter Fudge: 1st, Christine Vent; 2nd, Sylvia Conner; 3rd, Susie Hamman, New Washington.

Buckeyes: 3rd, Mary Boyce, Upper Sandusky.

Any Kind Not Listed: 2nd, Martha Denney, Upper Sandusky; 3rd, Christine Vent.

Best of Class: Sylvia Conner.

Homemade Breads

Quick Breads,


Banana Bread: 1st, Teresa Amert; 2nd, Sylvia Conner.

Corn Bread: 3rd, Jennie McCleary, Upper Sandusky.

Zucchini Bread: 2nd, Adeline Kilbride, Upper Sandusky; 3rd, Mark Reed.

Pumpkin Bread: 1st, Jackie Counts, Upper Sandusky.

White Bread: 2nd, Lisa Merwine, Carey.

Whole Wheat Bread: 1st, Berny Billock.

Cloverleaf: 1st, Jennie McCleary; 2nd, Lisa Barnes, Upper Sandusky.

Muffins: 2nd, Teresa Amert.

Any Kind Not Listed: 1st, Jolly Johnson, Upper Sandusky; 3rd, Marilyn Bohs, Upper Sandusky.


Pumpkin Bread: 2nd, Katie Homburg, Upper Sandusky.

Cakes, Senior

Carrot: 1st, Reta Hackworth; 2nd, Stephanie Wheeler.

Devil’s Food: 2nd, Kent Wheeler; 3rd, Sylvia Conner.

German Chocolate: 1st, Stephanie Wheeler.

Chiffon: 2nd, Jennie McCleary.

Any Kind Not Listed: 1st, Stephanie Wheeler.

Best of Class: Stephanie Wheeler.


Devil’s Food: 1st, Nadia English, Upper Sandusky.

Cookies, Senior

Butterscotch: 2nd, Sylvia Conner; 3rd, Susie Hamman.

Chocolate Chip: 1st, Stephanie Wheeler; 3rd, Susie Hamman.

No Bake: 3rd, Jolly Johnson.

Ginger: 1st, Susie Hamman.

Lemon: 2nd, Susie Hamman.

Oatmeal: 3rd, Michelle Niederhouser.

Sugar: 1st, Stephanie Wheeler; 2nd, Susie Hamman; 3rd, Michelle Niederhouser.

Molasses: 2nd, Berny Billock.

Butterscotch Brownies: 1st, Susie Hamman; 2nd, Sylvia Conner.

Chocolate Brownies: 1st, Sylvia Conner; 2nd, Stephanie Wheeler; 3rd, Berny Billock.

Holiday Cookie: 3rd, Susie Hamman.

Any Cookie Not Listed: 3rd, Tyler Counts, Upper Sandusky.

Best of Class: Susie Hamman.

Pies, Senior

Apple: 1st, Teresa Amert.

Cherry: 2nd, Kelly Menningen, Tiffin.

Any Cream Pie: 2nd, Stephanie Wheeler; 3rd, Susie Hamman.

Any Pie Not Listed: 3rd, Stephanie Wheeler.

Cheesecake, Senior

Spring Form, Plain: 1st, Stephanie Wheeler.

Spring Form, Fancy: 2nd, Dorothy Pool, Upper Sandusky.

Decorated Cakes, Junior

Any Decorated Cake: 1st, Chloe Taylor, Upper Sandusky.

Best of Class: Chloe Taylor.

Decorated Cakes,

Professionals Only

“Generations of Fun”: 2nd, Dorothy Pool; 3rd, Mark Reed.

Any Decorated Cake: 2nd, Dorothy Pool.


Natural Color

Ram Lamb: 1st, Alex Wolf, Upper Sandusky.

Ewe, 1-2 Years Old: 1st and 4th, Alex Wolf.

Champion Ram: Alex Wolf.

Pair Yearling Ewes: 2nd, Alex Wolf.

Ewe Lamb: 1st and 2nd, Alex Wolf.

Champion Ewe: Alex Wolf.

Pair Ewe Lambs: 1st, Alex Wolf.

Breeder Flock: 1st, Alex Wolf.


Ewe, 1-2 Years Old: 1st and 2nd, Robert Weir, Sycamore.

Pair Yearling Ewes: 1st, Robert Weir.

Ewe Lamb: 1st and 2nd, Robert Weir.

Pair Ewe Lambs: 1st, Robert Weir.

Champion Ewe: Robert Weir.


Ram Lamb: 4th, Kody Wolf, Upper Sandusky.

Pair of Ram Lambs: 5th, Kody Wolf.

Ewe, 1-2 Years Old: 1st and 3rd, Kody Wolf.

Pair Yearling Ewes: 1st, Kody Wolf.

Ewe Lamb: 5th, Kody Wolf.

Pair Ewe Lambs: 3rd, Kody Wolf.

Pen of 4 Lambs: 3rd, Kody Wolf.

Breeder Flock: 3rd, Kody Wolf.


Ram Lamb: 1st, Cameron Shellhouse, Sycamore; 2nd, Liam Shellhouse, Sycamore.

Champion Ram: Cameron Shellhouse.

Ewe Lamb: 1st, Liam Shellhouse; 2nd, Cameron Shellhouse.

Champion Ewe: Liam Shellhouse.

Any Other Breed

Ewe, 1-2 Years Old: 1st and 2nd, Jordan Rall, Upper Sandusky.

Pair Yearling Ewes: 1st, Jordan Rall.

Ewe Lamb: 1st and 2nd, Jordan Rall.

Pair Ewe Lambs: 1st, Jordan Rall.

Champion Ewe: Jordan Rall.

Market Lambs,

Any Breed

Single Market Lamb: 1st and 3rd, Jordan Rall; 2nd and 4th, Jeff Conley, Upper Sandusky; 5th, Steven McCartney, Upper Sandusky.

Pen of Two Market Lambs: 1st, Jordan Rall; 2nd, Jeff Conley; 3rd, Steven McCartney.

Wool Show

Fleece: 3rd and 4th, Phil Kin, Upper Sandusky.

Flower Show


A Tea Party: 1st, Mary Boyce, Upper Sandusky; 2nd, Lisa Barnes, Upper Sandusky; 3rd, Laura Frey, Upper Sandusky.

Going to the Chapel: 1st, Mary Boyce.

Summer Picnic: 1st, Susanna Frey, Upper Sandusky; 2nd, Bonnie Castanien, Upper Sandusky.

Theme Colors: 1st, Mary Boyce.

Grandma’s Garden: 1st, Susanna Frey; 2nd, Jenny Barnes, Upper Sandusky; 3rd, Mary Boyce.

Best of Show: Susanna Frey with Summer Picnic Entry.

Junior Class

Future Farmer: 1st, Aaron Taylor, Sycamore.

Best of Show: Aaron Taylor with Future Farmer Entry.

House Plants

African Violet: 1st, Mary Grundtisch, Sycamore; 2nd, Mary Boyce; 3rd, Bonnie Castanien.

Begonia, Fiberous: 1st, William Denny, Upper Sandusky.

Cactus, Three Varieties: 1st, Bev Patterson, Upper Sandusky.

Cactus, One Variety: 1st, Bev Patterson.

Succulents, One Variety: 1st, Thelma Shuey, Tiffin; 2nd, Bev Patterson; 3rd, William Shuey, Tiffin.

Coleus: 1st, Thelma Shuey; 2nd, Bonnie Castanien; 3rd, Sharon McCreary, Upper Sandusky.

Foliage Plant: 1st, Bev Patterson.

Geranium, With Bloom: 1st, Thelma Shuey; 2nd, Bonnie Castanien; 3rd, Don May, Sycamore.

Blooming Plant: 1st, Thelma Shuey.

Planter With Plants: 1st, Bev Patterson; 2nd, Bonnie Castanien; 3rd, Mary Boyce.

Dish Garden: 1st and 3rd, Thelma Shuey; 2nd, William Shuey.

Bonsai: 1st, K.K. Solacoff, Upper Sandusky.

Terrarium: 1st, Thelma Shuey.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Bonnie Castanien; 2nd, William Denny.

Best of Show: K.K. Solacoff With Bonsai Entry.

Hanging Plants

Ivy: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Thelma Shuey.

Fern: 1st, Thelma Shuey; 2nd, Tyler Counts, Upper Sandusky.

Non-Blooming Plant: 1st, Mary Grundtisch.

Blooming Plant: 1st, Thelma Shuey; 2nd, William Denny; 3rd, Bonnie Castanien.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Mary Grundtisch.

Best of Show: Thelma Shuey with Blooming Plant Entry.


Floribunda, Red: 1st, Mary Grundtisch.

Floribunda, Pink: Juli Weininger, Sycamore; 2nd, Joe Weininger, Sycamore; 3rd, Mary Grundtisch.

Full Blown Rose: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 3rd, Juli Weininger.

Hybrid Tea, Red: 2nd, Joe Weininger; 3rd, Mary Grundtisch.

Hybrid Tea, White: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Juli Weininger.

Hybrid Tea, Pink: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Juli Weininger; 3rd, Joe Weininger.

Hybrid Tea, Yellow: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Joe Weininger; 3rd, Juli Weininger.

Hybrid Tea, Orange or Apricot: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Joe Weininger; 3rd, Juli Weininger.

Hybrid Tea, Lavender: 1st, Joe Weininger; 2nd, Juli Weininger.

Hybrid Tea, Blend: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Joe Weininger; 3rd, Juli Weininger.

Hybrid Tea, Peace: 1st, Juli Weininger; 2nd, Joe Weininger.

Best Scented Rose: 2nd, Juli Weininger; 3rd, Joe Weininger.

Best of Show: Mary Grundtisch with Orange or Apricot Hybrid Tea Entry.

Miniature Roses

Full Bloom: 1st, Mary Grundtisch.

Red: 1st, Mary Grundtisch; 2nd, Juli Weininger.

White: 1st, Mary Grundtisch.

Pink: 2nd, Mary Grundtisch.

Yellow: 2nd, Mary Grundtisch.

Blend: 2nd, Mary Grundtisch.

Not Listed: 2nd, Mary Grundtisch.

Shrub: 2nd, William Shuey; 3rd, Mary Grundtisch.

Spray: 1st, Mary Grundtisch.

Best of Show: Mary Grundtisch With Miniature Rose Spray Entry.