Village may dodge insurance hike

GREEN SPRINGS – Among other things discussed at Green Springs Village Council Monday night was a potential 30 percent increase on the village’s insurance premium.

Fortunately for the village, by renewing the current plan in October and again in December, they can adopt a rate 4 percent higher than the current one, and avoid the larger increase until 2015. Council members are to meet with the village’s insurance agent Oct. 1.

Also discussed was a water refund for Elmwood at the Springs. The health care center has been being overcharged by more than $700 monthly due to a misunderstanding about the size of water pipe they were using.

The error was discovered recently and has been occurring for the past 62 months, according to members of the council. All members agreed to issue the refund, which could amount to more than $13,000.

In relation to the parks department, members announced they received new picnic tables and are looking to get more through grants.

In other matters,


Approved the hiring of two part-time police officers.

Noted income tax collection has totaled to just less than $20,000 for the year.