Tiffin Libertarian launches Ohio gubernatorial bid

Fostoria-born Charlie Earl spoke to North Central Ohio Conservatives about his candidacy for Ohio governor at a meeting Thursday.

Earl attended Mohawk High School and served in the Ohio House of Representatives as a Republican. He said he had worked with Sen. Sherrod Brown and Gov. John Kasich and said that after 30 years, Ohio government has not improved.

Earl is running for governor as a Libertarian.

“One of the reasons I became a Libertarian … was that I liked the concept of ‘Do what you want to do, as long as you don’t harm others or their property,'” he said. “Do you need a law for every little thing we do? Why not have a law that says if you mess up somebody’s life or somebody’s property, you’re responsible, regardless of the reason?”

Earl said it takes years to make a difference, but he said “the key was to turn it in the right direction.”

He said Ohioans must be bold and have the “courage to say no” to the federal government.

He said he has a “triple vision” for Ohio.

“The first part is capturing and recapturing … that vision of our Founders,” he said. “They were idealists. They were pragmatists.”

His second vision included internal and eternal vision. “That’s the sense in your heart … that I believe is God-given,” he said.

Earl said all citizens are allowed by law to search for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and that it offers a sense of fulfillment.

“It means that you’re doing something that is meaningful for you,” he said. “It makes you feel like you’re really contributing.”

Earl said that under current governmental restrictions, it is hard for citizens to get over barriers created by government.

His third vision includes helping the young people he said were the reasons he was running for governor. Earl cited his grandchildren, the children of Lt. Gov. candidate Shelly Clark’s children and the child of Earl’s Licking County coordinators as reasons for running for the position.

He said to complete his vision, Ohioans had to use its natural, human and creative resources.

Earl supports nuclear energy, specifically thorium LIFTR technology. He said when thorium burns in the reactor, it burns down to 99.9 percent, eliminating nuclear waste, and it is hard to create nuclear weaponry from the waste. He also said that when it malfunctions, it automatically cools.

He said when thorium is extracted, a by-product is used in radiation treatments for cancer.

He also said agriculture needed “more diversity” and supported the growth of industrial hemp. Earl said it is not strong enough to be used for recreational purposes and can be used in concrete and rope, but Congress has banned production.

Drawing from his agricultural background, Earl said industrial hemp would replenish nitrogen in the soil that would help other crops.

He said sending members of the National Guard and the Reserves to fight overseas while full-time members of the military remain on bases elsewhere was not practical and said that the government was “wasting human resources.”

Earl also said the younger generation is leaving Ohio for better job opportunities and should be providing and using more creative resources locally.

“We want to create opportunity,” he said. “We want to give them the creative resources and let them use their creative resources so that they stay right here at home.”

“It’s time for Ohio to stand up,” Earl said. “I believe that we have it in us.”

In addition to Earl’s presentation, Clark spoke about the problems of big government versus the two-party system and how creating a choice for residents was the “only hope” to get it under control.

“What good are God-given rights if we must first bow down to the idol that we created called our government for permission to exercise those God-given rights?” Clark said.

For more information, follow Earl’s campaign on Facebook at “Earl For Ohio” or Twitter at @EarlForOhio.