Initiative to catch vehicle theives launched by OSP

The State Highway Patrol and Nationwide Insurance are launching a statewide initiative to deter and catch vehicle thieves.

According to a release from the State Highway Patrol, in the following weeks and months, several highly equipped vehicles will be deployed in communities across the state. These cars have GPS tracking and in-car video surveillance capabilities, all designed to catch car thieves in-the-act.

“If you are thinking about stealing a car in Ohio, think twice,” said Colonel Paul A. Pride, Patrol Superintendent, in the release. “Thieves don’t know which cars are bait cars and which are not. Troopers will not only know when one of these vehicles has been stolen, but they will also have the ability to shut the car off remotely, making it easy for officers to apprehend the suspects.”

The bait vehicle project, sponsored by Nationwide, has been successfully executed in several other states. The State Highway Patrol will work collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies in placing the bait vehicles in communities experiencing vehicle thefts. Patrol will then be able to monitor the vehicle from a remote location.

According to the release, the National Insurance Crime Bureau estimated a 1.3 percent increase in U.S. auto thefts in 2012, ending an eight-year run of decreases