Children remembered as happy

The Tiffin community rallied Sunday around the mother of the fire victims, who were remembered as always being happy and playing.

“Anna is a super hard worker, and she supported that family,” said Pat Boes, manager of Tiffin’s Burger King. “She didn’t have much, but what she had was five great kids.”

Burger King, where Anna Angel works, started accepting donations for her Sunday.

Boes said the community needs to rally around Angel, who loved her children. Angel has lost all five of her children, her boyfriend, her home and all her possessions, she said.

“Anything and everything is needed. She’s lost everything,” she said.

Boes said Angel, a seven-year Burger King employee who is dearly loved, was working at the restaurant when the trailer park manager called about the fire.

“Anna left immediately,” she said.

Patti Harper, who lives around the corner from the scene, said it is a tragedy and heartbreaking. She returned home and saw the rescue vehicles, not knowing what had occurred.

When a neighbor told her what happened, she said she thought, “Oh my God.”

Tim Harper, her husband, said he was in the residence and heard sirens. He went outside and saw smoke.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. Hopefully nobody was there,'” he said.

Dianna Tyree, another neighbor, said she was sleeping when the fire happened, and her son came and told her about it. She said by the time she came out of her trailer, there was little smoke coming from the burned home.

“Those kids were just adorable. She had very sweet kids, very sweet, well-mannered,” she said.

The children mainly stayed at their trailer, but Domonic would visit Tyree’s residence.

“He just loved (my dogs),” she said.

Rick Hummell, who lives nearby, recalled the children would skip and laugh after going swimming. “(Their mother) did the best she could do. She needed help,” he said.

Hummell, a former firefighter, said he woke up his neighbor when he heard it on a scanner and saw a lot of black smoke and flames.

“(The firefighters) were trying their hardest. They couldn’t save them,” he said.

Tiffin City Schools officials made plans Sunday to help those affected by the tragedy. Stormie was a kindergartener and Tiara was a first-grader at Washington K-1.

Scott Urban, director of instruction and personnel for Tiffin City Schools, said the district notified all staff members Sunday afternoon.

The district will have its crisis team – which includes guidance staff, two school psychologists, contracted counselors from Wyandot Counseling Associates LLC and a pastor – assembled at Washington.

The team will answer questions from the three staff members, including two classroom teachers and an intervention specialist, who are closest to the situation.

“We may have parents stop in,” Urban said.

A letter explaining the situation is to be sent home with all students.

Urban, who said the school just finished a safety program, described the situation as tragic.

“We get very close to our students,” he said.