NR fails to get paving grant

NEW RIEGEL – Mayor Larry Bouillon told council members Tuesday night the village had been turned down for the $300,000 Critical Infrastructure Grant for street repair. Council has decided to seek Issue I funding for the project. Councilman Rick Kessler is to obtain estimates for grinding and repaving SR 587, CR 591 and the alleyways.

Council approved making application for $250,000 with the village putting $125,000 toward the project by Sept. 6.

Even though the village has transferred sewer responsibilities over to the county, problems keep cropping up. Street employee Jerry Faeth found tree roots were in some tiles causing drainage issues. Upon closer examination, they found the 6-inch original clay tiles at the time of their sewer project had been cut into for laterals and were replaced with 4-inch plastic tiles and not sealed, allowing mud and water to enter the tiles.

Mike Metzger was hired to jettison out the debris in the tiles for $675. At this point, Bouillon contacted Richard Kirk of Kirk Bros., contractors for the sewer project installation. Kirk agreed to pay for all the expenses to rectify the situation.

The Moose lodge has completed an addition and requested to tap into the storm drain for their downspouts. Council decided all sewer projects are to be examined by them personally and will take pictures upon completion.

When questions were asked about the Moose tie-in, County Engineer Mark Zimmerman informed Bouillon the Fostoria sewer treatment plant had raised the per-unit cost for processing New Riegel’s waste from $2.94 to $4.75 Jan. 1. Bouillon contacted County Commissioner Fred Zoeller and the two are going to approach Fostoria officials to negotiate a better price. Zimmerman believes the village’s rate of flow is increased because water leaks into the system. The July amount was 800 units more than June’s amount.

If they cannot procure a better deal, the county is to increase the rates for all village residents.

Councilman Lenny Theis said he added chemicals to the fire pond and is working on the concession stand improvements with Boy Scout Levi Nye who is working on achieving Eagle designation.

They are remodeling the interior and electrical upgrades have been done by Bromack Electric.

Deirdre Bakies reported Jeff Finn with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department started excavating the park wildlife wetland area and was rained out, slowing progress. In the meantime, they started another project and should complete it soon. Once they return, the wetland will be finished along with the path and tree planting by mid-September.

Bakies also noted applying for an ash tree removal grant and that recycling proceeds have purchased trash bins, trash bags and copy paper.

The meeting moved into executive session for discussion of personnel.

In other business, council:

Approved the $40 dues to the Mayors’ Association of Northwest Ohio.

Adopted an ordinance authorizing Bouillon to enter into an agreement with the Regional Income Tax Agency for the administration of income tax collection.

Announced fall clean-up in the village Sept. 21.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 17.