Fair results, Aug. 13

Kids Pedal Pull


25-35 Pounds: 1st, Cadence Schwab; 2nd, Trey Miller; 3rd, John Reer; 4th, Devin Bischoff; 5th, Jordyn Enders; 6th, Julia Enders; 7th, Grayson Vogel; Colton McConnell; 9th, Blaise Vanderveen; 10th, Gage Codeluppie.

36-45 Pounds: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Ava Deel; 3rd, Brady Scherger; 4th, Sayge Miller; 5th, Amber Bischoff; 6th, Tommy Wells; 7th, Bryce Scherger; 8th, Ellie Vanderveen; 9th, Dillon Vogel; 10th, Lydia Ruffing.

46-55 Pounds: 1st, Jayda Deel; 2nd, Colt Bischoff; 3rd, Gavin Shook; 4th, Ayden Zack; 5th, Elyse Bischoff; 6th, Grant Adams; 7th, Lilly Schiefer; 8th, Aley Young; 9th, Remington Rotruck; 10th, Valerie Bordner; 11th, Alyssa Heiser; 12th, Dylan Schwab.

56-65 Pounds: Bischoff; 2nd, Leah Drown; 3rd, Jacob Bowerman; 4th, Lance Reinhart; 5th, Trenton Young; 6th, Noah Young; Tied 7th, Brycen Lantz; Keno Ruffing; 8th, Caden Miller.

Tri-County Garden Tractor Pull

Stock Light: 1st, Dave Brocwell; 2nd, Bryan Schaller; 3rd, Kyle Harstine; 4th, Norm Lucius; 5th, Boe Sayers; 6th, Brianna Lykins; 7th, Saulee Shatzer; 8th, Bryson Lykins; 9th, Doug Shatzer, Tiro; 10th, Nate Buchman; 11th, Stace Dibling; 12th, Cody Heibertshausen, Attica; 13th, Jessica Brocwell.

12 Horsepower Light Class, Stock Altered: 1st, John Ewald, Tiffin; 2nd, Lee Dewald, Tiffin; 3rd, Doug Shatzer; 4th, Alex Theis, Bloomville; 5th, Kyle Hudson, Bucyrus; 6th, Jim Wallace.

Hot Stock Twin Light: 1st, Jessica Brocwell; 2nd, Bill Taylor, Findlay.

Stock Altered Twin Light: 1st, Jeff Powers; 2nd, Sandy Zeigler, McCutchenvillle; 3rd, Mark Laibe, Republic; 4th, Chuck Kelly, Gahanna.

16 Horsepower Stock Altered: 1st, Richard Miller; 2nd, Mike Hall; 3rd, Lee Dewald; 4th, Wes Ritzler; 5th, John Dewald; 6th, Wes Ritzler.

Open Diesel Light Class: 1st, Nick Laibe; 2nd, Richard Miller; 3rd, Sandy Zeigler; 4th, Ken Lucius; 5th, Jeff Powers; 6th, Mark Laibe.

Stock Heavy Class: 1st, Dave Brocwell; 2nd, Bryan Schaller; 3rd, Bill Featheringill; 4th, Jessica Brocwell; 5th, Kyle Harstine; 6th, Norm Lucius; 7th, Stace Dibling; 8th, Bryan Sayers; 9th, Doug Shertzer; 10th, Brittney Lykins; 11th, Saulee Shatzer; 12th, Nate Becuhman; 13th, Cody Heibertshuasen.

12 Horsepower Stock After Heavy: 1st, John Dewald; 2nd, Lee Dewald; 3rd, Grant Theis, Bloomville; 4th, Kyle Hudson; 5th, Doug Shatzer.

Hot Stock Twin Heavy: 1st, Jessica Brocwell; 2nd, Bill Taylor.

Twin Stock Altered Heavy: 1st, Chuck Kelly; 2nd, Sandy Zeigler; 3rd, Jeff Powers; 4th, Mark Laibe.

16 Horsepower Stock Altered: 1st, Richard Miller; 2nd, Mike Hall; 3rd, Wes Ritzler; 4th, John Dewald; 5th, Lee Dewald; 6th, West Ritzler; 7th, Ken Lucius.

Pig Scramble


Ages 6-7: Haley Boes; Hannah Chaaffee; Ella Flood; Caroline Kagy; Audrey Turner; Sophia Turner.

Ages 8-9: Hillary Bogner; Karli Cottingham; Molly Foos; Lauryn Green; Bailey Holmer; Lily Jensen; K’liyah Joseph.

Ages 10-11: Jaidyn Borer; Jessica Bowerman; Ashlee Morr; Tricia Morr.

Ages 12-13: Elli French, Alivia Lucius.


Ages 6-7: Grant Adams; Will Bischoff; Luca Bordner; Caden Bumb; Lane Rike; Carson Staib; Cole Steiber; Trenton Young.

Ages 8-9: Luke Bischoff; Mason Foos; Levi George; Caleb Heiser; Joseph Reer; Mitchell Scheiber; Wyatt Young.

Ages 10-11: Brock Ferres; Chase Foos; Hayden Foos; Bryce Gould; Dakota Laughlin; Hunter Martin; Brody Schoen; Blaine Smith.

Ages 12-13: Alex Daniel; Devin Daniel; Joel Gould; Adam Krebs; Clinton Wurm; Zachary Young.

Women’s Class

Jolene Felder; Tonya Hemmer.

Silent Auction for Woodcarvings by Matt Smith

AC Front Tractor: Chris Waldock.

AC Sign: Josh Kirian.

Block “O”: Brenda Snavely.

Ear of Corn: Holly Stacy.

Ear of Corn Bench: Josh Kirian.

Fallen Soldier: Tim Heibertshausen.

Farm Scene Bench: Alan Aichholz.

John Deere Tractor Painting: Thomas Willman.

OSU/Brutus: Kim Coppes.

Standing Pig: Josh Kirian.

Turkey: Aimee Aichholz.