County EMS seeking EMTs

Seneca County EMS is seeking people to join its volunteer-based ranks.

Ken Majors, Seneca County EMS director, said he actively is seeking volunteers throughout the county, especially in the Bettsville, Green Springs and Attica areas.

“They’re kind of hurting right now,” Majors said.

He said some days in those areas, volunteers are not available to cover the district and in many cases, an ambulance from another district must cover their calls.

Understaffed EMS, however, is not a new problem to Seneca County. Majors said the problem has been present since the introduction of Seneca County EMS more than 30 years ago.

Majors said he has recently been successful in adding to the EMS roster, but to keep the momentum going, he is seeking more volunteers.

Majors said free education to become a basic emergency medical technician is provided by Seneca County, and in return, an EMT must be an active member of the ambulance service for two years.

Active membership on a Seneca County EMS ambulance is defined by attending training, participating in drills, responding to ambulance calls, helping with station chores, washing the ambulance, doing maintenance and generally being involved as a member of the organization.

Once certified as a basic EMT, a person is qualified to operate in the field as an emergency medical technician on an ambulance, in emergency rooms, clinics, hazmat teams and other public safety organizations worldwide.

Majors said many EMTs are successful in finding paying jobs after their two years of service.

“We provide the education and training,” he said. “There are paying jobs out there, we just aren’t one of them.”

Although the job does not pay, the experience a person gains in giving back to the community is invaluable, Majors said.

“We are our own help,” he said. “We’re looking for people to help us to help (the community).”

Anyone interested in becoming a member of Seneca County EMS should contact Majors at (419) 447-0266 ext. 3.