Coach gives educators a pep talk

By Nicole Walby

Staff Writer

Heidelberg University football coach Mike Hallett told new administrators and teachers his favorite word while teaching was enthusiasm. “If you get fired up, the students will get fired up,” he said.

Hallett spoke at the Chamber of Commerce 29th annual Administrators and Educators Appreciation Breakfast at the Community Civic Center Tuesday morning. Hallett has been the head football coach at Heidelberg since 2006. He has turned around that program, and 31 of his athletes have been named All-Conference Ohio players.

Hallett gave the teachers and administrators new to Seneca County a big “thank you.”

“Trust me, you won’t hear ‘thank you’ nearly enough,” Hallett said. “It is remarkable what you do in the community. You are a great example of what education should be.”

Hallett said it is important to use the skills and talents to help struggling students. “Many might not succeed in your area, but it is your job to use their gifts and talents to help them reach their full potential.”

“If you believe in them, they will believe in you,” Hallett said. “With this generation, you have to prove it to them. Find new ways to reach them. You are giving the greatest gift you could give, the gift of education.”

Also addressing the new teachers and administrators were State Rep. Rex Damschroder, R-Fremont, Seneca County Commissioner Jeff Wagner and Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz.

“As a teacher, there are three things you need to know,” Damschroder said. “If you are in it for the money, get out; you can’t teach everybody; and there is no amount of government mandates that is going to make you a better teacher. No one knows more than yourselves.”

The 2013 Outstanding Educator Award recipient was Paul “Clutch” Miletti. Miletti taught history, government, world history, physical education and also served as football and wrestling coach for Calvert Catholic Schools for 43 years. He is a 1945 Calvert graduate.

“This is a great surprise,” Miletti said. “I didn’t expect this, I guess if you do wait long enough the cream does come to the top.”