2 arrested for Walmart theft

A Findlay man and woman were arrested Monday after they shoplifted from Walmart and assaulted an employee as he attempted to stop the pair from leaving the store.

According to Tiffin police reports, a caller from Walmart, 2801 W. SR 18, reported at 6:46 p.m. a shoplifter assaulted a loss prevention officer.

The caller reported the shoplifter then left in a beige Ford Escape eastbound on SR 18.

Tiffin Police officer James Chandler said the employee had been assaulted by the man as the pair was attempting to leave the store and as the employee was trying to stop them. He said the employee suffered minor injuries.

Chandler said a purse, containing an ID, was left behind in a cart used by the shoplifters and police were able to locate Findlay residents Jonna N. Boyette, 22, and Jeremy E. Sherbrook, of 26, in Findlay.

They then were brought to Tiffin, he said.

According to Tiffin Municipal Court documents, Boyette has been charged with theft, a first-degree misdemeanor, and Sherbrook was charged with robbery, a second-degree felony.

Chandler said all of the items stolen from the store, including a 50-inch flat screen TV and other items, were returned to the store.

Sherbrook and Boyette are scheduled to appear in Tiffin Municipal Court today for an arraignment.