Panel discusses bank restoration

Tiffin City Council members met to discuss Finance Director Gwynn Reinhart’s request for legislation regarding bank restoration on Rock Creek in Hedges-Boyer Park.

Park Director Steve Dryfuse spoke on the project, saying that 350 to 450 feet of bank needs to be restored. The project would include reshaping the bank and stabilization from erosion.

Dryfuse received a $10,000 grant to apply to the project. He said a contractor estimated the cost at $21,000. Members suggested Dryfuse get additional estimates.

Mayor Aaron Montz suggested additional funds totaling $11,000 needed should be moved from capital improvements and the request was approved.

In other business, committee members discussed the search for a new head city engineer and a firm for engineering services. Due to several projects, including demolition of three city buildings, the annual street paving program and work at Oakley Park, the need for a new firm and funds is high.

Montz said the committee was unhappy with quotes on the projects and are looking for additional quotes.

The committee has not received any qualified responses for the head engineer position.

Due to the money still in the payroll to fund the salary of the head engineer, the committee approved an appropriation shifting the remainder of the salary into a professional services line in order to fund current engineering projects.

The committee also discussed moving surplus donations for the July 4th celebration to pay overtime for police and fire departments who are required to work the event.

The appropriation of $1,000 to the police department and $965 to the fire department was approved and moved to the council.