HVAC systems getting work

Earl Reid of Palmer Energy presented an update on the Energy Project at the Seneca County commissioners meeting Tuesday.

Reid said they were looking at the controls, the heat, ventilation and air conditioning system of the County Services Building, lighting, and roofing for county buildings.

Reid said commissioners have approved a contract to install the controls in the county buildings. For the project, specific controls are purchased, sent to the factory and added to the devices needed for the improvement of the county buildings. This process allows the contractor to easily place the device in the building and saves time. The controls increase the functionality of the buildings and help save the county money in operating costs, specifically in the Seneca County Jail.

The County Services Building also will be a part of the controls project, specifically with installation of distribution air ducts to improve the air conditioning system.

This phase of the project is to begin Aug. 19.

In the fall, the air conditioning system of the County Services Building is to be fixed. In addition to the system improvements, a structural review is scheduled to make changes to the building to accommodate the new system.

The price of lighting improvements has increased, but Reid said that with these improvements, the county will save $4,500 on electricity annually. The county would also get a rebate from its energy provider for the improvements.

The county can send the project out to bidders or split it into several sections. By splitting it, the board can bypass the bidding process and instead receive quotes from local vendors. Although Reid did not expect the cost difference to be significant, this would keep the work local.

The board thought that keeping the work local would be a better opportunity.

Reid also suggested that the roofs of the County Services Building and the county jail be replaced by 2017. The cost would be about $600,000.

He also said with regular inspections, the life of the roofs could be extended by up to five years.

County Commissioner Fred Zoeller wanted to see if they could receive funds from the state for roof replacements.

In other business, Dog Warden Kelly Marker presented to the board new state legislation on dog licenses. According to state law, all counties are now required to offer one-year, three-year and permanent licenses to dog owners. Cost per year does not change, with a one-year license costing $15, three-years at $45 and the permanent license being based on 10 years at $150.

Marker explained her concern over the tracking of the licenses, and suggested entering the dog’s name to keep the permanent licenses organized.

The board and Marker were also concerned over the budget and how the revenue would be organized. County Auditor Julie Adkins explained that they will have four lines of revenue, including permanent license revenue, current year license revenue, multi-year license revenue and online revenue.

In addition, Marker updated the on-call policy according to recommend-

ations made by the board.

Although the legislation is required by law, the board approved the resolution.

Licenses for 2014 are to be available Dec. 1.

In old business, the Seneca Community Chaplain Corps have accepted the terms of the lease to convert the old Youth Center into a community care center. The corps asked the board to sign the lease, as the lease must be approved for the corps to apply for a grant to pay for required building improvements.

“I think it is a great use of county property,” said Zoeller. “It’s a win-win. Win, it saves us money for tearing it down, win because we get benefit from… (the Chaplain Corps).”

The board approved the resolution to sign the lease.

The Seneca County Park District has requested more money to increase the number of copies being made. It has been using the board’s copy machine to create informational fliers and pamphlets, and needs more funds to continue the process.

Board President Jeff Wagner suggested a cap on the number of copies the park district makes. Commissioner Holly Stacy suggested finding a more economical lease with the copier company and asking the park district to pay the difference.

The board approved the appropriation adjustment for additional funds.

The prosecutor’s office had asked commissioners for money to buy new vehicles. The vehicles are unreliable but are available for trade-in. Zoeller suggested the county do a complete inventory and assessment of vehicles to plan for future purchases or replacements.

“We can start budgeting towards that,” Zoeller said. “You need to plan on these things.”

The board approved an appropriation adjustment for $8,000 from worker’s compensation to fund the additional costs of purchasing a new vehicle.

The Seneca County Museum Foundation asked the board for approval on repairing the museum’s porches. The foundation requested the board provide funds upfront and the museum would reimburse the county. The foundation also requested help in the informal bidding process.

Commissioners are waiting for a resolution to be drawn up.

The next board meeting is moved to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

In new business, the board approved:

Bill vouchers.

An appropriation adjustment of $151.58 within the General Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $2,443.50 within the General Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $808.16 within the General Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $117.80 within the Community Development Block Grant FY11 Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $5,455.51 for Deliquent Real Estate Tax Fund.

10:30 a.m. Aug. 20 as the time and date to receive sealed bids for the CR 20, CR 36 and CR 62 pavement resurfacing.

A resolution accepting the bid and authorizing an agreement with M&B Asphalt, Inc. for the Issue I, Round 27 2013 Seneca County Township Road Reconstruction Program.

An appropriation adjustment of $5,713 within the General Fund.