Green Springs aims for more civil meetings

GREEN SPRINGS – Carl Sherer addressed members of village council with a written statement regarding the June 17 meeting, from which he said dignity and forum were absent.

Sherer said members should learn to practice civility and manners. All board members should be addressed with respect, regardless of personal feelings, he said.

“Let’s restore dignity to your offices,” he said.

Councilman Adam Greenslade agreed with Sherer, noting the importance of reviewing bylaws on rules of forum and public input.

John Miller noted the village’s average daily water usage for June was 85,000 gallons.

Pools have been filled. St. Francis Green Springs are filling coolers at night rather than during the day, which has helped immensely, he said.

Also, several catch basins have been scheduled for repair.

Miller also said the vi village will be working on street repair to prevent webbing.

Miller noted several other items of concern:

The fence post on the south ball field is damaged. A repair quote is being sought.

A damaged slide was removed from playground equipment.

Concrete pads are being poured around street manholes.

Police Chief Charlie Horne stated radar and siren repair for a cruiser is to cost about $400.

Amy Bartlett covered the income tax report, noting an increase of $8,000 in revenue from last month.

Members voted to approve participation in the CompManagement Group Rating Program for

2014 for an annual fee of $860.

Council is in the process of receiving quotes on the electronic sign at the corner of Broadway and Adams. Toledo Sign’s quote was said to be higher than expected.

Mayor Jesse Darr reported he received a letter from Anna Cloutier Suhr with a $110 donation for a memorial tree in honor of her father. A buckeye tree was suggested, but members decided this type of tree is not suitable for the park.

Members agreed to wait until fall to purchase a tree.

– By Marcy Bishop, Correspondent