Tree falls on Pleasant Township house

FORT SENECA – Pleasant Township residents found themselves wielding chainsaws to chop tree branches Thursday after the overnight storm caused a maple tree to snap and fall on the roof of a two-story house.

The storm awoke Todd and Angie Shilling, who live at 6551 N. TR 145, and Angie said they thought it was lightning and wind striking the windows. Instead, a tree had landed on the roof.

“Thank God we’re OK. God does protect,” she said.

The family started clean-up efforts as soon as it started getting light outside Thursday. They went through two chainsaw blades and had to go to a store to purchase more.

Angie’s father, Charles Webb, lives down the road and helped the couple clean up the property Thursday. Webb’s property sustained some damage, but none to his home.

The Shillings’ barn also was damaged. The wind pushed in its door and moved a trailer at least 50 feet, causing it to strike the building. Angie said the trailer had been sitting in the driveway.

“That wind took it and threw it into our barn. (The trailer) is heavy. This is extremely heavy,” she said.

Elsewhere in Pleasant Township, a family worked Thursday to remove tree branches from the front yard. A tree in the yard of the residence at 5267 N. SR 53 snapped at its base and fell across the neighbor’s driveway.

Resident Kevin Hohler recalled it had been clear when the family members went to bed, and they were sleeping when the storm hit in the early morning hours Thursday. Hohler said he had put the patio furniture in the garage.

The tree that fell during the storm had been struck by lightning in the past. He said a large portion of it was dead, but it did have some live branches.

“(We) just got the chainsaw out,” he said.

Hohler said the family has a woodpile and will use much of the wood for a campfire.

“We’ll be putting it to use,” he said.