Storm destroys 80-year-old barn

GREEN SPRINGS – A storm that blew through the area this week took down a barn that had stood in Pleasant Township for about 80 years and once had housed a milking stable.

Marna Barto, who owned the barn at 3650 E. TR 164 with her husband, Larry, said the barn just folded over.

“(The barn) was huge,” she said.

The barn had housed a semi truck, dump truck, machinery, pickup truck and mower. Equipment that had been inside when the storm hit was being used for the clean-up efforts Thursday afternoon.

Marna and Larry live in the house next door to the property where their barn had stood. Marna said she couldn’t sleep because the family planned to leave for Canada at 4 a.m. The storm hit about 11:30 p.m., and she said she felt shuddering.

The storm broke off a pole, which was fixed Thursday morning. Also, branches had to be hauled away.

“(Trees) grow back,” Marna said.

Marna said the family was thankful for people around the area who came to help. The family also received a discount on purchases at a local store Thursday.

Becky Berry, Marna’s sister-in-law, lived in the house near the barn while growing up and moved back into it three weeks ago. She said the storm could have hit the house.

“Nobody was hurt,” she said.

Several miles away in Adams Township, Melissa and Adam Cook of 7927 TR 32 woke up, looked at each other and decided they needed to be in the basement. Adam said there was a gust, then a calm and then rain.

He had gone outside, looking for the family’s dog, and saw the damage. A tree had fallen on the couple’s propane tank, breaking off the valve. The tank was leaking, and Green Springs Volunteer Fire Department responded.

A flashlight helped Melissa and Adam assess the damage.

“There were branches everywhere,” Melissa said.

The storm crushed the family’s wood burner, forced solar lights into the field and knocked down a spruce tree measuring about 50 feet tall. Also, the back window of a car was smashed.

Family and friends spent Thursday cleaning up the yard and making a pile for a fire.

“Our house wasn’t very damaged,” Melissa said.