Commissioners to hear ag update

Seneca County commissioners are to hear an update from Palmer Energy on its ag program during their 10 a.m. meeting today.

Prior to the meeting, the commissioners are to have a work session at 9:30 a.m.

In new business, the board is to consider:

An appropriation adjustment of $84.86 within the Community Development Block Grant FY11 Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $51,064.70 to the General Fund for 2013.

An appropriation adjustment of $90,000 within the Maintenance and Repair Fund.

A resolution authorizing the purchase of a 2013 Ford F150 through the Ohio Department of Administrative Services cooperative purchasing program from a local vendor in lieu of bidding on behalf of the Seneca County engineer.

A resolution appointing Bonnie Boroff to the unexpired term of Duane Applequist on the Seneca Metropolitan Housing Authority.

A resolution accepting a bid from Lake and Land Excavating LLC for obstruction removal newman airport parcels at the Seneca County Airport.

Bill vouchers.