City gets fireworks funds

Members of the Tiffin Music and Art Festival presented a check to the city for the balance of what is needed to have the July 4 fireworks display at Monday night’s Tiffin City Council Meeting.

Nathan Mullins of the Tiffin Music and Art Festival said the festival raised $4,500, which is what the city needed for the fireworks.

“They created a festival last year that, it went great,” Mark Wade of the festival said. “This thing just grew unbelievably.”

Wade said there was a lot of focus about alcohol being served at the festival, with the city passing an ordinance allowing it at certain events. He said the beer garden was a very small part of the festival.

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said thanks to the festival, the fundraising campaign by Real Living Generations Realty and donations from businesses and residents, the fireworks will be fully funded.

In other business, council approved an ordinance to sell about seven acres of land in Eagle Rock Business Park to American Fine Sinter for $15,000 an acre.

“This is very exciting,” Montz said. “It’s another factory here in Tiffin that’s looking at doing quite a substantial expansion.”

At a previous meeting, Law Director Brent Howard said the city has a lease for farming purposes on the property and has 30 days to terminate the lease.

Howard said the city is to pay the tenant for any losses in addition to proration of the rent for the property.

He said he is going to speak with AFS to find out when the company is going to start using the property. He said if the farmer can use the land until after harvest, the city would not be liable for those expenses.

Councilman Joe Hartzell said he spoke with City Administrator Deb Reamer and she spoke with the state about the situation with the old Salvation Army building’s elevator.

In a previous meeting, Reamer said it would cost the city $1,265 to repair the elevator and $2,800 to decommission it.

The state was requiring the city to take action on the elevator, but Hartzell said the state may waive the fee for shutting the elevator down. He said the city still may be liable for a certificate fee of about $200.

Also during the meeting, Montz said the city has narrowed its search to three firms to rework the city’s long-term control plan for sewer separation.

In new business, council approved of the following resolutions and ordinances by a vote of 7-0:

A resolution to amend and restate a resolution confirming the pick-up of Tiffin Police Officer O’Connor’s contributions to the Ohio Police and Fire pension fund, and declaring an emergency.

An ordinance reaffirming its anti-displacement and relocation assistance plan to comply with federal regulations and regulations of the Ohio Department of Development, and declaring an emergency.

Three ordinances authorizing the mayor to apply to and receive from the Ohio Department of Development for fiscal year 2013 Community Development Block Grants.

An ordinance amending the budget ordinance to pay for July 4 fireworks display.