Theft of DVD player angers Tiffin mother

As a mother of a special needs toddler, Heather Gaietto was more than angry after discovering her daughter’s portable DVD player had been stolen out of a family vehicle.

Gaietto, a South Monroe Street resident, said the theft occurred last week during daytime hours while her husband’s truck was parked on the street in the 200 block. Nothing else was taken from the truck.

Gaietto said the DVD player was used to keep her 17-month-old daughter, Charlee, occupied during road trips to medical appointments in Columbus and Toledo. Charlee, who was born three months premature, has frequent doctor visits. Luckily, she will grow up to be completely fine, Gaietto said.

“We were taking her every couple of weeks,” she said.

After discovering the DVD player missing, Gaietto contacted the police and decided to make a sign. The sign, which was placed in the family’s front yard, read: “Thanks for stealing my special needs child’s DVD player. She used that for her long trips to Columbus Children’s Hospital. I hope you feel good about yourself!”

“I hope they saw it and felt bad for what they did,” she said. “I was just angry about it.”

Gaietto said her family can get another DVD player, but people need to consider how someone may be affected by such actions.

Gaietto has not accepted any donations for a replacement DVD player, she said, even from a young neighbor boy who offered her $6.