Man jailed on drug dealing charges

A Tiffin man was sentenced to more than four years in prison after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges last week.

Justin Rosas, 22, who pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, one of which is a second-degree felony and the other a third-degree felony, was sentenced by Seneca County Common Pleas Court Judge Steve Shuff to a total of 4 1/2 years in prison, according to court documents.

He must also pay mandatory court fines of $12,500.

According to his indictment, Rosas sold or offered to sell Oxycodone in June 2011.

The offenses also occurred within the vicinity of Columbian High School and in the vicinity of Noble Elementary School, the indictment states, and the amount of Oxycodone equaled or exceeded the bulk amount. The bulk amount is equal to or exceeding five times the maximum daily dose, according to the indictment.