Bloomville to improve sidewalks

BLOOMVILLE – Mayor Bob George was absent from Wednesday evening’s council meeting, but that did not stop council proceeding with plans to improve sidewalks within the village.

Councilmen Ray Sexton and Travis Cole reported the Street & Sidewalk Committee met to visit and assess North and South Marion and East and West New Haven Streets. Sexton said the group will initially concentrate on the two main streets. They recorded nine areas where sidewalks are in deteriorated condition. Letters will be mailed to property owners regarding the sidewalk condition and options available. Councilwoman Carol Adams suggested information about the sidewalk assistance program also be included in the letters.

With Councilman Ray Weasner serving as president pro-tempore, council voted unanimously to approve pay ordinance 2013-9.

Bucyrus Road Materials bid $4,116 for asphalt patching and repair, and council awarded them the contract. L & L Pavement bid $5,650.

In other business:

CROSSWAEH workers are cleaning the park area and removing weeds and sod from the curbs.

Pool chemicals have been ordered.

Police Chief Howard Minzer said there are to be increased hours on timesheets due to cases going to grand jury.

Remaining funds in the recycling grant will be available until June 30, 2013.

Adams said the village of Republic is to auction off unnecessary equipment. She questioned whether there may be any equipment that Bloomville would need. Water and Wastewater Superintendent Darin Brown and Street Superintendent Rick Dentinger will look into the matter.

Bloomville Community Garage Sales are June 7 and 8. Those interested should contact the village office to receive a permit and be placed on the map. There is no cost for the permit.

Upcoming events:

The Lion’s Club is planning the Memorial Day parade for May 25.

A potluck is scheduled for the Senior Center June 11. Information will be posted to encourage more participation.

Council is to meet at 7 p.m. May 15 at village hall.