AG files suit against Zig Stag store

The Attorney General’s Office has filed a lawsuit against Zig Stag and its owner, Shawn Stagnolia, for allegedly violating the Consumer Sales Act and public nuisance laws.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Seneca County Common Pleas Court, claims the store sold synthetic narcotics to consumers which were represented as, among other things, novelty “sachet” and “potpourri” and failed to disclose the full list of ingredients, some of which are illegal.

“Unlike typical potpourri, which is composed of naturally fragrant plant materials, the vegetation represented as ‘sachet’ and ‘potpourri’ products and sold by Zig Stag and Stagnolia is coated with illegal and dangerous synthetic compounds that, when consumed, mimic the psychoactive and physiological effects of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis,” it states.

The lawsuit, which also lists an employee and Husky Enterprises LTD, the property owner, claims the defendants committed or participated in the commission of trafficking in drugs, a felony violation, and created a potential risk of harm that has resulted in injury to others.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification and the Seneca County Drug Task Force-METRICH Enforcement Unit had conducted undercover investigations at the store, located at 20 E. Market St., between November and March.

Feb. 8, a search warrant was executed at Zig-Stag. During the search, a large amount of “sachet” and “potpourri” products, also known as K2, was confiscated and sent to BCI&I for testing.

The Attorney General’s Office is seeking the imposition of a civil penalty of $25,000 for each separate and appropriate violation and that a tax $300 be imposed.

The lawsuit also is asking that the property be padlocked and closed against all use for a period of one year from the final judgment, and the defendants be declared guilty of maintaining a nuisance.

As part of the requested permanent injunctive relief, Zig Stag and Stagnolia would be barred from acting as suppliers and soliciting or engaging in any consumer transactions in the state until the final ordered resolution of this matter is satisfied in its entirety.

The state also is requesting the items inside property to be sold by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office and/or BCI&I.

METRICH Unit Coordinator Chuck Boyer said METRICH is working with the Attorney General’s Office and the Seneca County Prosecutor’s Office in regard to whether criminal charges will be filed.

A message was left for Stagnolia Monday evening.