TCS students show off art

About 300 pieces from students grades K-12 will be in the 2013 annual Tiffin City Schools Art Show.

The show is 6:30-9 p.m. Friday and noon-3 p.m. Sunday at Tiffin Middle School.

“Teachers choose the best of the best,” said Columbian High School art teacher Elizabeth Humphrey. “It is exciting to see all the students’ work and progression from kindergarten through high school.”

Pieces range from paintings in oil pastels, watercolors and acrylics, clay, sculpture and many other mediums. Musical performances by students also will be featured. Admission is free.

The artwork is chosen by a combination of effort and quality of the final piece, Tina Lorenz said. Lorenz teaches more than 400 students at Noble 4-5 and Washington K-1 elementary schools.

Audrey Vrancken, senior at Columbian, will have two pieces in the show. One piece, titled “Voices of the Ocean,” is made of acrylic and sea shells. Vranken was a regional winner in the state art competition.

“With art, you have the freedom to create and it is one class that I look forward to,” Vranken said.

Senior Ashley Bell also will have pieces in the show, including a painting created with acrylics and sand “to give it more texture,” she said.

Puppets also will be featured in the show. The marionettes are to be from the sixth- and seventh-grade puppet plays that occurred in December.

“There is such a variety of pieces from students with many different techniques,” Cindy Hillier, Tiffin Middle School art teacher, said.

The pieces being shown by art teacher Marcia Burlile’s students are connected with other subjects. The projects she is showing are from lessons dealing with other cultures, nature and symmetry.

“The work is a sampling of all the projects so far this year. We give the students the concepts and skills and tools that allows them to blossom through the year and once in high school, they are able to shine as individuals,” Burlile said.