Grandillo resigns from Lakeland

SHEBOYGAN, WI -It was announced Tuesday that Michael Grandillo, formerly of Tiffin, submitted his resignation as Lakeland College’s president to the board of trustees. He had served less than nine months since taking over in July.

Grandillo said his resignation was due to “philosophical differences.” He did not elaborate on the reason.

David Gallianetti, who is serving as the college’s spokesman, said the differences were between Grandillo and the board of trustees.

“The board and Grandillo decided that the resignation was the best interest for (Grandillo) and the college. Grandillo has the opportunity to move on to different opportunities,” Gallianetti said.

During his inauguration address in October, Grandillo spoke about his plan for the college as “nimble, quick and entrepreneurial.”

“I am pleased with the time I spent with the students here at Lakeland. They are a fantastic group of young people and I enjoyed playing a small part in their lives,” Grandillo said.

During his time at Lakeland, Grandillo said his impact aided in enrollment growth for the next year.

In addition, Grandillo also has brought new ideas for community involvement to the college and new strategies for student recruitment, Gallianetti said.

“My experience here was quite enjoyable. I enjoy changing people’s lives through education,” Grandillo said.

Grandillo took office July 1, after moving from Tiffin where he lived for 31 years. He was an administrator at Tiffin University, served on Tiffin City Council and a community activist and volunteer.

Grandillo served as vice president for development and public affairs at Tiffin University from 1995 until he was introduced as president in April 2012.

In addition to TU, Grandillo served as associate dean of admissions and director of development at Heidelberg College, and as an admissions counselor at Ohio Northern University, his undergraduate alma mater.

Grandillo and his wife Nancy plan to return to Tiffin where they still have their home. Grandillo said he has many opportunities, and is looking into a possible president position for another college.

“We were pleased with the time we had here,” Grandillo said.

Lakeland College has elected Daniel Eck has interim president. Eck has served as the senior vice president for Lakeland the past 5 years. No plans to conduct a presidential search have been made as of Wednesday, Gallianetti said.