Fast food culture gets alternative view

Lee Fearnside, Tiffin University art professor, is to present a unique take on mass-produced fast foods in a new photo exhibition titled “The Local Cheeseburger” from 6:30-8 p.m. March 28.

The exhibition is in the Diane Kidd Art Gallery, inside the Hayes Center for the Arts on the TU campus. It focuses on alternatives to fast foods by highlighting options offered by local farmers and food producers.

Fearnside came up with the project after she moved to Ohio six years ago. She said she noticed there were more food chains here and fewer farmers markets.

“I found it an odd food culture. I wanted to challenge the fast food culture,” Fearnside said.

Fearnside will be showing about 25 photos she has taken.

“My photos examine the products that make up the cheeseburger the beef, the bun, the cheese and the lettuce as produced by local farmers and bakers,” Fearnside said. “Each artisan makes their products from homegrown local ingredients and sells their goods at area farmers markets. They all speak about their passion for their products, their love of the craft, and the value of connecting to a local community in an age where face-to-face exchange is often diminished by virtual experience.”

Fearnside said “The Local Cheeseburger” offers its audience the opportunity to re-examine their relationship with food.

“I want to challenge people to see the people behind the food and rethink where their food comes from,” she said.

The reception is free; the exhibition is to run through April 19.