Students flex skills

The 2013 SkillsUSA regional competition took place Friday, with 21 schools and 600 students competing.

The competition was at Sentinel Career and Technology Center. For the district, Vanguard-Sentinel had 13 individuals/teams take first place; eight took second place; and eight placed third.

All proceed to the state championships in April.

Auto Refinishing Tech

Caleb Peacock, Columbian High School, first.

Nathan Pocock, Clyde High School, third.

Auto Service Tech

Tyler Burns, Columbian High School, first.

Basic Health Care

Dana Englehart, Fremont Ross, first.


Tyler Lewis, Columbian High School, first.

CNC Milling

Austen Goodman, Upper Sandusky High School, second.

RJ Cantu, Clyde High School, third.

CNC Tuning

Marissa Kirian, Hopewell-Loudon High School, third.

Collision Repair Tech

Aaron Maki, Columbian High School, first.

Ronald Drown, Clyde High School, third.


Sarah Faber, New Riegel High School, second.

Crime Scene Investigation

Hollie Alexander, Seneca East; Micaela Barth, Upper Sandusky; and Zachariah Riedel, Mohawk, second.

Electrical Construction Wiring

Casey Harger, Clyde High School, first.

Extemporaneous Speaking

Cheyanne Lykins, Upper Sandusky, first.

Health Knowledge Bowl

Taylor Nye, Old Fort; Kelly Bishop, Columbian; Becka Heidler, Columbian; and Chelsea Fitschen, Mohawk, first.

Candy Haugh, Hopewell-Loudon; Hannah Corner, Columbian; Taylor Burns, Hopewell-Loudon, Krista Ward, Old Fort, second.

Industrial Motor Control

Mark Fowler, Calvert High School, first.

Levi Wright, Gibsonburg High School, second.

Job Skill Demonstration A

Darran Lambright, Fostoria High School, third.

Job Skill Demonstration Open

Brad Huston, Columbian High School, first.

Medical Math

Macy Gill, Clyde High School, second.

Nail Care

Emily Madden, Seneca East, third.

Nurse Assisting

Veronica Provice, Columbian High School, first.

Danielle Sammet, Mohawk, second.

Prepared Speech

Ciara Long, Mohawk, first.

Deannah Edwards, Fremont Ross, third.


Salvador Cantera, Fostoria; Austin Kelbley, Mohawk; Jacob Welly, New Riegel; and Jacob Serviss and Jared Walker, Seneca East, first.

Blake Smith, Clyde; Brian Wheatly and Tyler Gerner, Fremont Ross; and Matthew Massie, Lakota, third.

Technical Drafting

Justin Schaffer, Fremont Ross, third.