Tips to avoid business break-ins

After a recent increase in break-ins to businesses in the city, Tiffin Police are offering tips on how to safeguard businesses, homes and vehicles.

Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens said the city has seen a slight increase in business break-ins compared to a year ago. To prevent them, business owners should follow many of the same guidelines home owners do.

They should keep the outside of the business well lit and also should keep bushes and shrubbery low, Stevens said.

“Thieves hate bright lights,” he said.

Stevens said the best line of defense for a business is an alarm system.

“The best security system is an alarm system,” he said. “That’s a step up.”

Stevens said all business and home owners with an alarm system are required to register the alarm with the fire department, which will then connect a sounding alarm to police dispatch. He said many alarms are also wired to a panel at the police station’s dispatch office, making response quicker on behalf of police and firefighters.

Other tips to protect businesses and homes include:

Making sure every external door has a sturdy, well-installed dead bolt lock. Key-in-the-knob locks are not enough.

Sliding glass doors can offer easy access if they are not properly secured. They can be secured by installing commercially available locks or putting a broomstick or dowel in the inside track to jam the door.

All outside doors should be metal or solid wood.

Clearly display your house number so police and other emergency vehicles can find your home quickly.

Instead of hiding keys around the outside of your home, give an extra key to a neighbor you trust.

When you move into a new house or apartment, re-key the locks.

If you travel, create the illusion that you’re at home by getting some timers that will turn lights on and off in different areas of your house throughout the evening.

Stevens said because automobile break-ins are the crime of opportunity for many thieves, vehicles should always be locked and electronics and other valuables should be out of view.

To view more tips, visit Tiffin Police Department’s web site