Proof of a black bear in county confirmed

Proof of a black bear in Seneca County has been confirmed by Seneca County Wildlife Officer Matt Leibengood.

The actual bear, which is an endangered species in Ohio, has not been sighted, but “we have confirmed sign of a black bear,” he said. “The sign that was confirmed was scat and related tracks in the snow.”

Leibengood, who works in the county through Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, said the sign was reported to him Jan. 8.

“They indicated they had found it the day before,” he said.

The finders took photos of the tracks and scat found in Jackson Township near the intersection of TR 172 and TR 53, and then collected the scat for identification. The animal is likely a wild bear, and not a discarded bear that had been raised in captivity.

He said if it encounters people, it’s likely to turn and run the other way. If anyone sees a black bear, they should call (419) 429-8394.