Fostoria hires new superintendent

FOSTORIA – Andrew Sprang has been chosen to be Fostoria City Schools new superintendent.

Sprang was chosen in November to replace Steve Pritts and is the fifth person to hold the title since he started working for the district in 2001.

Sprang was a social studies teacher at Fostoria Junior/Senior High School for six years and became assistant principal for Fostoria Intermediate Elementary in 2007 and principal in 2010.

Sprang graduated from Kenton High School and received his bachelor’s and graduate degrees from the University of Findlay.

Sprang and his wife Angie and their three children, Aidan, Addelyn and Avalon plan to move to Fostoria from Findlay.

Sprang started working in the position Jan. 1 and said things are off to a good start and is hoping for better things to come for the district.

“I wanted to become superintendent at some point in my career and I feel that now is a good opportunity, since I have been in the district for the last 12 years, to step up and help out.

The district is working on the transition to common core standards that are going to be put in place next school year. It also is focusing on the new local report card and online testing.

“There is a lot of work to do and these are our big pushes; schools are a focal point to the community,” Sprang said.

He said the biggest downside to his new position is not being able to spend time interacting with the students.

“Every day is different,” Sprang said. “You can have a plan but you never know what is going to happen on that day. It is important to learn from all of those experiences.

“I feel that with my time in Fostoria, I can connect well with what the teachers are experiencing because I have walked in their shoes,” he said.

He said he’ll routinely visit buildings across the district to maintain a closeness with students and staff and keep up on what’s happening in the classroom.

“It is important that the kids see that the superintendent is involved and comes out and is at events,” Sprang said.