DeVine set for 2nd term as county prosecutor

After one successful term, Seneca County Prosecutor Derek DeVine said he is looking forward to a second term much like his first.

DeVine, who was sworn in Thursday by Seneca County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Kelbley, reflected on the last four years.

“I think the first term went very well,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed the work of being county prosecutor.”

DeVine said his office has dealt with a lot of criminal cases during the last four years, many of them drug-related.

“There’s more drug-related offenses than there were four years ago,” he said.

DeVine said Seneca County’s problem with prescription drug abuse has led to many of the county’s indictments. He said that seems to be consistent with other prosecutors in the state.

“Addiction leads to criminal activity,” he said. “Sometimes even people with a domestic violence violation, the underlying cause is addiction.”

DeVine is assisted by prosecutors Rhonda Best, Heather Jans, Brian Boos, Jonathan Ketter, Zachary Fowler and Angela Boes. Best, Jans and Boos deal with felony crimes while Ketter and Fowler are civil representatives. Boes works primarily with juvenile delinquencies.

DeVine said the prosecutors, who have been together in the office for about a year, look forward to continuing their success.

“We just want to continue to do our jobs, prosecute criminal cases and represent civil cases,” he said.