Daily Log, Aug. 30

Tiffin reports

• Devin M. Logan, 19, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Tuesday.

• Danny A. Mooney, 57, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Tuesday.

• A person reported someone attempted to break into the concession stand at Vic Wurm Field, 491 Coe St., Tuesday evening.

• Mindy K. Harvey, 33, of Republic, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, license restriction violation and driving under suspension Wednesday.

• A man reported Wednesday afternoon a wallet was stolen from the first block of North Washington Street.

County reports

• Jason S. Whiteman, 20, of Tiffin, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia Tuesday.

• A person at Willow Creek Apartments, 575 E. SR 18, reported Wednesday morning someone tried to break into the office through a garage door.

Fostoria reports

• Drake A. Cook, 23, of Tiffin, was charged with driving under suspension Tuesday.

• A 1000-block Beier Drive person reported an assault early Wednesday morning.

• A person reported early Wednesday morning two people were assaulted by people wearing all black in the 100 block of West Forth Street.

• A 200-block West North Street woman reported Wednesday morning her Confederate flag was stolen off her flag pole and someone also tried to steal her American flag.

• A 600-block Woodward Avenue man reported Wednesday afternoon his vehicle was broken into and diabetic syringes and two bottles of medication were stolen.

State Patrol

• Chad W. McConaha, 26, of Tiffin, was charged with a Financial Responsibility Act suspension and speed Tuesday.

Fostoria accidents

• Christopher E. Baker, 29, of Fostoria, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after an accident at Columbus Avenue and Nichols Street Aug. 20. Baker was taken by Fostoria Fire Division to ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital, a report states.

• Donna M. Rickard, 50, of Fostoria, was cited with driving under suspension and stop sign after an accident at East Jackson and Buckley Streets.

• Troy Leonard, 44, of Medina, was cited with improper lane change after an accident on East Lytle Street Monday afternoon.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to a cover assignment at 53 S. Monroe St. Tuesday afternoon.

• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to an overpressure rupture from steam at 423 Circular St. Wednesday morning.

• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to a smoke detector activation at 315 E. Market St. Wednesday afternoon. There was no fire, and it was unintentional.


• North Central EMS and Green Springs fire had one squad run Tuesday afternoon and one squad run Tuesday night.

• Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit responded to a single-vehicle accident at CR 5 and CR 60 Tuesday night. There was no transport.

• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had one squad run early Wednesday morning and two squad runs Wednesday morning. Sycamore fire assisted early Wednesday morning.

Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court


• Erik R. Adkins, Findlay, speed, $135; Nicholas J. Neller, 234 W. Center St., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Patrick J. McCarthy, Canton, driver seat belt violation, $85; Abby L. Offenburg, Fremont, speed, $141; Matthew L. Conley, Alvada, speed, $135; Julie G. Smith, Bowling Green, speed, $138.

• Brenden T. McConahay, 243 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria, stop sign violation, $140; Arthur T. Panarelli, Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85; Carlos Aguirre, Fremont, stop sign violation, $140, tag/sticker violation, $50; Darla L. George-Graber, Ashland, speed, $129; Ryan R. Kelley, Green Springs, speed, $162; Katelynn M. Young, Bettsville, speed, $180; Linda L. Hoover, Bascom, assured clear distance, $140; Thomas W. Molyet, Fostoria, speed, $132; Dugan Smith, 841 Central Ave., Fostoria, registration violation, $140; Abdullah M. Alghamdi, 487 W. Perry St., Tiffin, registration violation, $140.

• Steven R. Endicott, VanBuren, speed, $135; Parnell A. Brown, Columbus, traffic control device violation, $140; Logan E. Niederkohr, Carey, speed, $144; Joshua N. Bergman, Tiffin, speed, $132; Kathy S. Myers, Perrysburg, speed, $264; Victor A. Wurm, Tiffin, speed, $135; Mariah J. Nevels, Columbus, speed, $132; James L. Levleit Jr., Saline, Michigan, left of center, $337; Minhthu T. Tran, McCutchenville, speed, $129; Taylor M. Tron, Piqua, speed, $144.

• Joseph E. Heibeck, 12400 W. Axline, Lot 62, Fostoria, assured clear distance, $140; Makayla M. Earl, Tiffin, traffic control light violation, $140; Sean P. Herron, 204 Benner St., Tiffin, registration violation, $140; Brandon M. Cichowski, Tiffin, traffic control light violation, $140; Peggy S. Deel, Green Springs, left of center, $140; Jeff S. Drum, Tiffin, speed, $135; Gale E. Yount, Fostoria, traffic lanes violation, $140; Matthew W. Stone, 49 Eden St., Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240; Chase G. Munoz, Fremont, title violation, $185; Brent M. Bleam, Carey, speed, $138.

• Charles M. Cornett, Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85; Dennis J. Hoerig, 50 Northwood Drive, Tiffin, speed, $141; Franklin Reinbolt, Fremont, assured clear distance, $140; Dawn C. Martin, driver seat belt violation, $85; Nancy Schmittauer, Herron, failure to control, $140; Edward J. Baker, Wayne, speed, $135; Frank J. Didion Jr., Sandusky, speed, $180; Kaleoo Kalani Yancey Hatchett, Grove City, speed, $144; Damon M. McBride, Forest, no operator’s license, $140; Bonnie J. Kovalaske, Clyde, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Dustin D. Digby, 155 Sycamore St., Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Michael L. Turpin, McCutchenville, disorderly conduct, $240; Patricia A. Baker, Springfield, assured clear distance, $140; Manuel Madrigal Jr., Findlay, red light violation, $140; Dale A. Depew, 35 Golfview Drive, Tiffin, driver inattention violation, $140; Jolene M. Englehart, 399 S. Jefferson St., Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Rachel M. Fleck, 173 Oak St., Tiffin, speed, $135; Alyssa J. Pence,

Old Fort, speed, $150; Miranda L. Thompson, Green Springs, driver seat belt violation, $85; John M. Clark, Findlay, traffic device violation, $140.

• Aaron G. Zavala, 723 Spruce St., Fostoria, speed, $144, driver seat belt violation, $30;


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