Daily log, July 8

Tiffin reports

Christopher C. Welly, 31, of Tiffin, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, failure to control and hit-skip on public property early Sunday morning.

A first-block West Market Street man reported Sunday afternoon his bicycle was stolen.

A large fight was reported in the first block of Charlotte Street Sunday evening.

A 100-block Clinton Avenue woman reported Sunday night she had some items stolen from her house.

A person from New Housing Ohio, 366 Wentz St., reported Monday morning a client broke into the office and stole medication.

A person reported Monday afternoon a man was out of control and throwing items at staff members at New Housing Ohio, 366 Wentz St.

A person from the first block of North Main Street went to the station Monday afternoon with a bad check.

County reports

A person from the emergency room at Mercy Tiffin Hospital, 45 St. Lawrence Drive, reported elder abuse/neglect Sunday evening.

A 2000-block South TR 1195 woman went to the station Sunday night to report a theft from her residence.

A person was arrested after a 7000-block East TR 138 woman reported Sunday night her husband was intoxicated and trying to disable her vehicle.

A person reported Monday morning someone destroyed the sign at Bettsville School, 118 Washington St.

A 1000-block West CR 11 resident reported Monday morning the theft of a mailbox.

A 2000-block North SR 101 woman reported Monday morning her car was stolen.

A 7000-block North TR 80 man reported Monday morning his car was ransacked.

Fostoria reports

A 300-block McDougal Street resident reported being assaulted early Monday morning.

A 200-block North Poplar Street woman reported early Monday morning someone was trying to break into her residence.

A 100-block Elm Street woman reported Monday morning a situation involving a man and her 16-year-old daughter. Charges were pending.

Tiffin accident

A car struck a speed limit sign on Union Street Sunday afternoon.

State Patrol accidents

Amber Carver, 30, of Delaware, Ohio, was cited with operating a vehicle without reasonable control after an accident on SR 67 Sunday afternoon.

Fostoria accidents

Citations of failure to control and trucks off state route were issued after an accident on North Poplar Street Sunday evening.

An employee of ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital, 501 Van Buren St., reported Sunday evening a patient was there who had been struck by a car.


NBS fire and New Riegel EMS responded to a field fire at CR 6 and CR 47 Sunday evening.

Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to 843 N. Water St. to remove a person from a stalled elevator Monday morning.


Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had four squad runs Sunday evening and three squad runs Monday morning. Old Fort fire and Clinton fire assisted Sunday evening.

Sycamore EMS and fire responded to a single-vehicle accident on SR 67 Sunday afternoon.

Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Sunday afternoon.

Green Springs EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Sunday evening.

Green Springs EMS and fire responded to an accident at CR 34 and TR 179 Sunday evening.

Bascom EMS, Bettsville EMS, Old Fort fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Sunday evening.

Green Springs EMS and fire had a squad run Sunday night.

Bloomville EMS and fire and Republic EMS and fire had a squad run Sunday night.

Republic EMS and fire had a squad run Monday morning.






Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court


Janet F. Sergot, Wildwood, Illinois, speed, $125; Arica L. Knieriemen, Green Springs, assured clear distance, $130; Teresa J. Hess, Tiffin, speed, $119; Benjamin L. Hoyda, 165 Fourth Ave., Tiffin, failure to confine dog, $105; Tyler J. Royer, Columbus, speed, $137; Robert J. Bane, Toledo, speed, $123; Miriam S. Green, 154 S. Washington St., Tiffin, speed, $129; John A. Ehrhardt, Sandusky, speed, $122; Kristine Schifferly, Fairborn, speed, $116;

Eric M. Smith, 62 D Siesta Drive, Tiffin, start/back violation, $180; Todd M. Manz, Fostoria, traffic lanes violation, $130; Eduardo Castillo, 350 N. Town St., Fostoria, start/back violation, $130; Rusty A. Kuhn, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $130.

Xing Mingshan, Arcadia, assured clear distance, $130; Tori L. Yeast, Fremont, speed, $122; Tyler D. Sanders, Bellevue, seat belt violation, $75; Brian K. Lelux, Canal Winchester, speed, $128; Andrew J. Lovas, 18 Main St., Tiffin, speed, $125; David A. Michaels, 871 Eastwood Drive, Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; James J. Mira, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Eric W. Reinhart, Arcadia, seat belt violation, $75; Barbara J. Lescallett, Republic, speed, $128; James M. Cummings, Powell, speed, $137.

Laura L. Galvin, 123 E. Cherry Ave., Tiffin, start/back violation, $130; Richard L. Treft, 210 Second Ave., Tiffin, speed, $122; Laura E. Knisely, Fostoria, assured clear distance, $128; Marilyn L. Niedermier, Tiro, speed, $122; Ambrose W. Sturgill, Attica, seat belt violation, $85; Alonso Hernandez, Miami, Florida, failure to control, $140; Timothy L. Ripley, Huron, speed, $131; Kalee C. Koster, Keny City, Michigan, speed, $113; Timothy L. Winkles, 237 N. Union St., Fostoria, seat belt violation, $85; Porter W. Kauffman II, Greenville, North Carolina, speed, $125.

Jeffrey T. Perry, Clyde, failure to yield right of way, $130; Mark K. Schrock, Perrysburg, speed, $125; Allan J. Baird, Rawson, unsecure load violation, $180; James A. Jeffrey Jr., Toledo, speed, $119; Lisa A. Reyes, 380 Miami St., Tiffin, speed, $125; Sara A. Romans, Carey, seat belt violation, $75; Kyler F. Lange, 215 Walker St., Tiffin, seat belt violation, $70; Gilbert A. Sanchez, Bellevue, speed, $110; Nathan J. Reamer, 388 Circular St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Eric S. Johnson, Carey, speed, $137.

Nicholas G. Wolf, Columbus, speed, $125; Dominic L. Miccichi, Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $230; Takis M. Robinson, 632 Wall St., Fostoria, railroad crossing violation, $130; Jordan J. Frankforther, Fostoria, assured clear distance, $130; Samuel S. Paulin, Delaware, speed, $134; Ryan V. McBride, Tiffin, speed, $119; Lincoln R. Brandeberry, Arlington, failure to control, $130; Wendell F. Harris Jr., 211 E. Culbertson St., Fostoria, seat belt violation, $75; Shannon L. Alge, 89 Tomb St., Tiffin, improper passing violation, $130, speed, $30; Matthew A. Distel, 415 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, assured clear distance, $130.

Brooke C. Pepin, Elyria, speed, $122; Joshua D. Muller, Xenia, speed, $176; Laurie V. Patrick, Bellevue, speed, $147; David A. Myers, Green Springs, seat belt violation, $75; William E. Klaehn IV, Marblehead, wearing headphones violation, $133; Charles A. Lutmer, South Lebanon, failure to yield at a stop sign, $130; Ted J. Hilborn, 312 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $130; Breeanne J. Martin, Hilliard, speed, $119; Dale L. Curtis, Lancaster, speed, $119; Lynn M. Grounds, Marion, speed, $161.

Lisa A. Kissell, Tiffin, speed, $119; Alexander G. Vogel, 310 W. Crestview Lane, Tiffin, traffic control light violation, $130; Frederick L. Hartman, Tiffin, stop sign violation, $130; Mica Ramirez, Findlay, speed, $155; Jason R. Burks, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Jeffrey S. Mayer, Lima, speed, $160; Erica M. Tobin, 325 Liberty St., Fostoria, seat belt violation, $85; Angela M. Cameron, Columbus, speed, $128; Jason M. Herbert, 1580 Meadowlake Drive, Tiffin, speed, $134; John M. Stark Jr., 400 N. Main St., Apt. 10, Fostoria, speed, $128.