Daily log, June 4

Tiffin reports

A caller from the emergency room reported Monday afternoon a child was being treated for a dog bite that occurred between Third and Fourth avenues. A person was charged with dog-at-large.

An adult was arrested Tuesday morning after a physical domestic fight was reported in the first block of West Perry Street.

County reports

Jodi L. Carroll, 46, of Green Springs, was charged with selling to an underage person for an incident May 22.

A juvenile was arrested Monday afternoon after an 8000-block South SR 53 man reported $60 was missing from his wallet.

An 11000-block West TR 41 caller reported Monday afternoon someone had been in their residence and threw items around. There was no forced entry and nothing was missing.

A woman went to the station Monday night to report a juvenile of whom she has guardianship was stealing from her and looking at pornography.

A 1500-block East CR 8 woman reported Tuesday morning someone toilet-papered her residence, put plastic wrap on her house and put something all over her car.

A bad check was reported Tuesday morning in the 100 block of East Market Street.

Fostoria reports

Tiffany M. Magnus, age unavailable, of Tiffin, was charged with possession of drugs Monday.

A caller from Blanchard Valley Center reported Monday afternoon a client who was staying with her sister over the weekend said the sister slapped her and pulled her hair.

A 600-block West Fremont Street man reported early Tuesday morning he caught two kids with flashlights attempting to get into his van. Two girls were later located by police in the area and returned to an East Crocker Street residence.

A break-in was reported early Tuesday morning in the 900 block of South Main Street.

A 200-block College Avenue woman reported Tuesday morning two chairs and a table were stolen from her front porch.

A man reported Tuesday afternoon his father-in-law in the 1100-block of Lincoln Avenue received a scam phone call.


Old Fort fire and Bettsville EMS were called to Fort Street early Tuesday morning for a carbon monoxide alarm.

Old Fort fire was called to CR 51 Tuesday morning for a fire alarm.


Tiffin EMS had four squad runs Monday afternoon, one squad run Monday evening and two squad runs Tuesday morning.

AVR fire and Attica EMS had a squad run early Tuesday morning.

Bettsville fire and Bascom EMS had a squad run Tuesday morning.

Old Fort fire, Tiffin EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Tuesday morning.

Tiffin Fostoria Municipal Court


Lucas A. Hartsel, 122 E. Davis St., Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Michael J. George, 945 N. Cheryl Drive, Fostoria, failure to yield right of way, $130; Gerardo Nunez Bedolla, Madison, Tennessee, speed, $125; Nathan D. Wilhelm, Tiffin, traffic lanes violation, $130; Timmy G. Matthews Jr., 227 Sixth Ave., Tiffin, seat belt violation, $70; Jeffrey M. Heddles, Chicago, speed, $119; Michael S. Fickenscher, Bellevue, speed, $170; Herbert B. Crum, Tiffin, stop sign violation, $130; Jose A. Arredondo Navarro, 330 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria, traffic control light violation, $130.