Daily log, Jan. 31

Tiffin reports

Braxton Berkshire, 19, of Indiana, was charged with disorderly conduct Sunday.

A 200-block Wentz Street man called 911 early Thursday morning to report people were pounding on his door. Police were unable to locate anyone around the residence.

County reports

A 1000-block South SR 67 man reported finding a purse near his residence Wednesday evening. The purse had been stolen, and it was turned over to the Bellevue Police Department.

A 6000-block North US 23 caller reported Thursday morning that while they were at work, someone broke into the residence and stole everything.

Fostoria reports

Kreggie L. Gallagher, 26, of Risingsun, was charged with disorderly conduct Tuesday.

A woman reported Thursday morning her vehicle was broken into in the 300 block of North Wood Street. Old vehicle registrations and insurance cards were taken.

A 700-block Spruce Street man reported Thursday afternoon his garage and two sheds were broken into.

A 200-block West Crocker Street woman reported Thursday afternoon her daughter saw a man trying to open their front door.

State Patrol

Dylan A. Shellhouse, 19, of Tiffin, was charged with underage possession/consumption for an incident Jan 22.


Tiffin firefighters were called to 47 S. Washington St. Wednesday afternoon for an unintentional alarm transmission.

Bloomville firefighters were called to East CR 12 Wednesday evening for a non-emergency pipe burst.

Sycamore firefighters were called to East CR 20 Thursday afternoon for a fire alarm activation.


Tiffin EMS had one squad run Wednesday afternoon.


Jillian M. Miles, Findlay, speed, $120; Brian K. Haudenshild, 216 McDougal St., stop sign violation, $125; Devon M. Heilman, McCutchenville, speed, $129; Mark A. Mosser, Fremont, speed, $120; Nicholas R. Johnson, Alexandria, no permit violation, $115; Rachel E. Tackett, 312 W. Culbertson, speed, $159; Seth E. Reed, Marion, speed, $120; Steven D. Johnson, Kansas, speed, $111; Shannon N. Rowland, New Riegel, speed, $135; Kathleen T. Frysinger, Alvada, speed, $117.

Ariane S. Romaker, 800 Woodward Ave., Apt. 47, traffic control device violation, $125; Kaitlynn Costilla, 1269 Truman Drive, failure to control, $125; Kyle W. Hall, Tiffin, speed, $155; Erin E. Crowe, Defiance, failure to control, $125; Dennis D. Bowers, Fostoria, stop sign violation, $125; Nikki J. Szallar, 203 Columbus Ave., failure to control, $125; Brian K. Mcrill, Findlay, speed, $135; Renata Rodriguez, Plane City, Fla., speed, $126; Kenneth J. Recker, Genoa, speed, $138; Anthony t. Seitz, Tiffin, speed, $129.

Amy Kelbley, Fostoria, speed, $114; Thomas R. Ducat, Arcadia, stop sign violation, $125; Richard C. Senn, 511 W. Culbertson St., assured clear distance, $125; Michael W. Johnston, Bowling Green, open container violation, $189; Lawrence E. Swartz, Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $115; Megan R. Hesser, 516 N. Poplar St., seat belt violation, $75; Luwana J. Engler, Fostoria, speed, $132; Joshua L. Smith, Michigan City, Ind., failure to yield, $126; Michael J. Bouillon, Fostoria, failure to control, $125; Grant W. Mackay, Lakewood, tag/sticker violation, $125; James T. Townsend, Kirtland, failure to yield right of way, $125; DeIlla J. Lamb, 425 W. Ridge, Apt. 5, left of center violation, $125.

Cindra L. Baker, 288 W. 4th St., traffic control device violation, $125; Donnetta M. Corbin, Findlay, start/back violation, $125; Chadley T. Clark, 361 Sandusky St., traffic control device violation, $125; Joyce A. Shellhouse, 325 N. Union St., speed, $145; Susan M. Vilaisack, 425 Sumner St., speed, $147; Alfred C. Woods, 1717 Courtley, assured clear distance, $125; Donald S. Myers, 12434 W. Wagner St., speed, $150; Darren C. Rivera, 1035 Cory St., stop sign violation, $175; David R. Daniels Jr., Findlay, seat belt violation, $75; Timothy D. Osterberg, 708 Oaklawn Ave., expired tag violation, $125.

Howard Jackson Jr. Waynesfield, speed, $114; Nannette K. Huffman, Tiffin, tag/sticker violation, $125; Aaron J. Chubner, Toledo, speed, $123; Ashley N. Daughtery, 1231 Perrysburg Road, failure to yield right of way, $125; Larry A. Schreiner, New Riegel, seat belt violation, $75; Charles W. Pahl, Fostoria, stop sign violation, $125; Harold H. Cook, 321 S. Countyline St., speed, $129; Dustin D. Lieber, Norwalk, speed, $140; David N. Robinson, Findlay, speed, $126; Elizabeth A. Zitkovic, Findlay, speed, $147.

Seneca County Probate Court


Bonnie H. Gatton, Tiffin.

Donald E. Fey, Tiffin.

James H. Morlock, Bloomville.

Ellen R. Greek, Tiffin.

Marriage license application

Everett Allen Jarrett and Holli Mae Gillespie, Fostoria.