Daily log, Aug. 28

Tiffin reports

Jeffrey D. Carman, 22, of Tiffin, was charged with disorderly conduct Monday.

A caller from Heritage IGA, 479 E. Market St., reported Monday afternoon a suspicious baggie was found in the parking lot.

A woman reported Monday night a woman yelled obscenities at her, her husband and another passer-by in the first block of East Market Street. Police were unable to locate anyone matching the woman’s description in the area.

A vehicle was reported entered Tuesday morning in the 100 block of Webster Street.

A first-block Gross Street caller reported the theft of a pocket book from a vehicle Tuesday morning.

A woman reported Tuesday morning a man was kicking her vehicle that was parked in front of a 200 block Huss Street residence. The woman was not home at the time, but a passer-by told her. Police found a few marks on a door, but no major damage.

County reports

Leon J. Mathern, 29, of Carey, was charged with disorderly conduct Monday.

A 1000-block South SR 53 caller reported a stolen wallet Monday evening.

An 11000-block West SR 18 man reported early Tuesday morning someone knocked on his window. He did not see or hear a vehicle in the area.

A person went to the station Tuesday afternoon to report a bad check.

Fostoria reports

A 700-block Cherry Street woman reported Monday evening prescription drugs were stolen from her Saturday.

A woman went to the station Monday night to report her boyfriend was assaulted in the 500 block of East Lytle Street.

A 400-block Stadium Drive man requested to speak to an officer Tuesday morning about items that were taken from his residence.


Fostoria firefighters were called to 1690 N. Countyline St. twice Saturday for false alarms.


Tiffin EMS had two squad runs Monday afternoon, two squad runs Monday evening and one squad run Tuesday morning.

Bascom fire and EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Monday evening.

Attica fire and EMS had a squad run Monday evening.

Seneca County Probate Court


Anna M. Breidenbach, Tiffin.

Philip E. Thompson, Attica.

Celestia A. Wade, Fostoria.

Edward A. Houck, Tiffin.

Marriage license applications

Jason Stephen Vittoria and Nancy Sue Williams, Tiffin.

Marvin James Stacklin and Tiffany Lorraine Haefer, Attica.

Tyler Stephen Hicks and Stephanie Ciara Wilkinson, Tiffin.

Scott Paul Gearing and Laura Elizabeth Doe, Fostoria.

Justin Michael Durham and Kathryn Nicole Donkewicz, Tiffin.

Brenton Kenneth Myers and Tracy Lynn Young, Green Springs.

Jordan Lee Reinhart, Bascom, and Lisa Ann Hewit, Republic.

Fostoria Municipal Court


Adam J. Bumb, Tiffin, speed, $114; Reggi L. Harmon, Cortland, speed, $135; Karen L. Kirk, Indianapolis, Ind., speed, $114; George Cervantes, 734 W. Tiffin St., failure to yield, $125; Jeffrey A. Dible, Upper Sandusky, disorderly conduct violation, $115; Patrice K. Berton, Findlay, speed, $120; David G. Lewis, 1924 Sandusky St., Apt. 14C, failure to control violation, $125; Linda J. Theis, Findlay, speed, $108; Betrice Frias, Fostoria, stop sign violation, $125; John P. Deblase, Piqua, speed, $126.

Alyssa M. Davidson, Bettsville, speed, $108; Lloyd W. Roberts, Tiffin, speed, $135; Michael T. Schwab, Findlay, speed, $108; Ricky A. Gaskill, Piqua, speed, $111; Andres E. Eufracio, 1122 Lynn St., speed, $114; Nathan E. Pahl, Carey, seat belt violation, $75; Melinda S. Hackenburg, VanBuren, child restraint violation, $175; David G. Lewis, 1924 Sandusky St., Apt. 14C, open container violation, $115; Janelle N. Dible, 203 E. North St., dog at large, $90; Anna A. Reza, 560 Lynn St., dog at large, $90.

Peter D. King, Richmond, Texas, speed, $123; Penny A. Martin, Tiffin, speed, $117; Vikramkomar Bilodia, 1601 Andrews Ave., speed, $114; Aresha N. Terry, 331 Sumner St., failure to yield violation, $125; Kevin J. Farmer, Bluffton, speed, $114; Freddie A. Robertson, Findlay, seat belt violation, $75; Dannie L. Harrold, 1521 N. Countyline St., Lot 115, speed, $120; Lesa J. Demuth, Alvada, tinted window violation, $125; Edward L. Lutz, Tiffin, speed, $117; Latrice L. Bailey, Fremont, speed, $150, seat belt violation, $45.

Angelica A. Hernandez, 221 E. North St., assured clear distance, $175; Anthony Q. McIntyre, 211 W. Jackson St., stop sign violation, $125, seat belt violation, $45; Marc C. Leady, Findlay, speed, $126; Tyler B. Bleckinger, Helena, seat belt violation, $75; Tony A. Young, 432 N. Town St., speed, $126, seat belt violation, $45; Nancy L. Marker, 133 Sandusky St., failure to yield right of way, $125; Gilberto T. Nava, Leipsic, failure to re-instate license, $343; Ronald Hale, 836 N. Countyline St., speed, $120; Tabitha Craley, 747 Eastern Ave., failure to confine dog, $90; Tonya M. Smith, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $125.