Daily log, Aug. 26

Tiffin reports

Ernest E.F. David, 34, of Columbus, was charged with open container in a motor vehicle early Saturday morning.

Reginald A. Blissett, 36, of Columbus, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and improper lane change/marked early Saturday morning.

Heather L. Monroe, 29, of Bloomville, was charged with hit skip-public property, no operator’s license/expired operator’s license and improper left turn Saturday evening.

Kimberly M. Stump, 51, of Bettsville, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and improper turn/turn signal usage Saturday night.

A person reported early Sunday morning two large groups were in a parking lot in the 200 block of Second Avenue and were about to fight. Officers were looking for a woman who pepper sprayed the crowd. Further details were not available Sunday evening.

A woman reported early Sunday morning her wallet was stolen from her purse while at DP’s, 129 S. Washington St.

A first-block West Perry Street woman reported Sunday afternoon two tires on her vehicle were slashed.

County reports

A 7000-block North TR 63 man reported Saturday evening a break-in and the theft of a four-wheeler.

A deputy advised Saturday evening he saw a man lying on the side of the road in the 1000 block of East CR 50. An intoxicated person was to be taken to the jail, and a person was to take a motorized tricycle back to a residence.

A woman in the 3000 block of West SR 18 reported early Sunday morning she and another woman were riding with someone and got kicked out of the car along the road. She advised her friend was bleeding from the mouth but did not need an ambulance. A person was going to ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital.

A person in the 6000 block of North SR 53 went to the station Sunday morning to report a bad check.

A man reported Sunday afternoon a break-in to a house he was renovating in the 1000 block of West CR 6. Tools were missing. The man located some of the items, but the rest still were missing.

Fostoria reports

A person from Wood County Hospital’s emergency room reported Saturday evening the hospital was treating a patient who advised he was assaulted in Fostoria the night before. He did not know where or by whom.

A man in the 300 block of East High Street reported Saturday night a theft from his son’s property.

An officer reported a fight at Los Tocallos, 203 N. Main St., Saturday night.

An officer at East Center and North Main streets reported a fight Saturday night.

A 1000-block North Countyline Street man reported early Sunday morning a child struck his vehicle while riding a bicycle and damaged it.

A person reported early Sunday morning rocks were being thrown at a bedroom window in the 200 block of East South Street.

A 200-block West North Street woman reported early Sunday morning she had rocks thrown through her window.

A 300-block East Fremont Street man reported Sunday morning his motorized bicycle was stolen.

Tiffin accident

A two-vehicle accident was reported at West US 224 and West SR 18 Saturday evening. A person was taken into custody.

A person reported Sunday afternoon a railroad crossing gate on East Perry Street went up and then back down on a vehicle.


Tiffin firefighters were called to fires in a structure other than in a building at 378 W. Market St. Saturday afternoon. A Tiffin Fire Rescue Division spokesman said a support post for a sign caught fire.


Tiffin EMS had a squad run Saturday evening and three squad runs early Sunday morning.

Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit were called to a two-vehicle accident at US 224 and SR 18 Saturday evening. They were canceled due to it occurring in the city.

Green Springs EMS and fire had a squad run Saturday night.

Bettsville EMS and fire had a squad run early Sunday morning.

Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Sunday afternoon.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Jacquelyn A. Panuto, 300 Hedges St., speed, $28; Curtis J. Mancuso, Green Springs, speed, $125; Timothy M. Bugner, New Riegel, seat belt violation, $75; Zachary K. Persinger, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Vonzo D. Rigsby Jr., Gainesville, Fla., speed, $110; Brandon M. Fowler, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Michala R. Shade, Bloomville, speed, $122; Christina M. Ward, 42 Jefferson St., Apt. 2, seat belt violation, $75; Louis W. Brickner, 177 Coe St., speed, $140; James D. Montgomery, Bellville, Ill., speed, $113.

Sarah A. Shutt, Tiffin, speed, $113; Judy A. Rogers, Lewistown, speed, $131, seat belt violation, $25; Dustin L. Myers, Pataskala, speed, $112; Timothy M. Opsitnick, Avon, speed, $119; Henry A. Burch, Burgoon, speed, $117; Robert W. Anstead, Green Springs, speed, $113; Karen L. Miller, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $115; Jana L. Weir, Sycamore, speed, $134; Daniel P. Lynch, Lakewood, speed, $118; Samuel R. Waugaman Jr., Sandusky, seat belt violation, $75.

Janet L. Dando, Copley, speed, $116; Clinton R. Bogner, 226 1/2 Circular St., equipment regulation violation, $115; Matthew Kohler, Gibsonburg, speed, $116; Doloris Swisher, Findlay, speed, $140; Maranda J. Youster, Tiffin, tinted window violation, $115; Caleb A. Brown, Sunbury, speed, $125; Rene Hayes, St. Louis, Mo., speed, $119; Deena J. Carrick, Attica, speed, $119; Dylan J. Shoup, Bloomville, seat belt violation, $75; Lewis J. Derr, Toledo, turn signal violation, $115.

Jeffrey S. King, Elyria, improper/prohibitive turn violation, $115; Victoria L. Collins, Fremont, speed, $131; Chad W. Tyree, 199 Siesta Drive, Apt. C, seat belt violation, $75; Anil K. Soni, Tiffin, speed, $116; Jeffrey D. Snavely, 198 Walker St., disorderly conduct, $230; Kelly B. Morgan, Dublin, speed, $125; Dawn M. Abraham-Egbert, 179 Coe St., failure to yield right of way, $115; Nathan A. Roush, Delaware, speed, $133; Peggy L. SanGregory, 427 Circular St., speed, $119; Susan E. Sharpe, 98 Thomas St., speed, $119.

Joseph A. Rogers, Westerville, failure to control, $115; Holly M. Cheek, Republic, speed, $140; Daniel Baczkowski, Parma, speed, $119; Brittany Stallard, Huron, speed, $131; Lillian K. Hansberger, Norwalk, speed, $122; Eileen S. Wolfe, Huron, speed, $146; Robert L. Lambert, Jr., Johnson City, Tenn., speed, $119; Neil W. Stock, New Riegel, speed, $122; Amanda J. Morrow, Kansas, disorderly conduct, $230; Earl Balderson, Kansas, disorderly conduct, $230.

Jill S. Hale, Powell, speed, $122; Karey S. Preston, Columbus, speed, $119; Lisa C. Levengood, Tiffin, speed, $137; Brittany M. Taylor, Republic, seat belt violation, $75; Mark D. Bunting, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Patrick E. Lay, Senecaville, speed, $125; Eric L. Strecker, Fremont, speed, $113; Michael E. Skipka, Sandusky, speed, $134; Steven E. Casteel, Jr., Sandusky, speed, $139; Matthew P. Lambert, Republic, failure to control, $115.

Philip Havens, Findlay, speed, $119; Adam R. Scherger, Fostoria, speed, $116; Zachary J. Jackson, Fremont, speed, $119; Dennis L. Magers, Tiffin, seat belt violation, $75; Karen L. Bumb, New Riegel, seat belt violation, $75; Janet A. Dwyer, Columbus, speed, $134; Veronica K. Dines, 231 Mohawk St., D1, traffic device/sign violation, $115; Lee E. Alford, 175 Erie St., speed, $155; Sonia Y. Nazario, 44 Greenfield St., 573, traffic control light violation, $115; Austin G. Eaton, Tiffin, stop sign violation, $115.

Heather C. Bogle, 182 Jackson St., speed, $149; Gerald C. Coleman, 71 First Ave., failure to yield right of way, $115; Kyle M. Hammer, Chesapeake, Va., failure to yield right of way, $115.