Daily log, Aug. 23

Tiffin reports

Robert W. Patterson, 47, of Lorain, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and open container Wednesday evening.

A 100-block West Market Street woman reported Wednesday evening a UPS package was stolen off her porch.

Sherman Smith, 34, of Lorain, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia Wednesday evening.

A woman went to the station Thursday morning to report someone opened a bank account in her name.

A person reported Thursday afternoon they found drugs while evicting someone in the first block of Minerva Street.

A person reported Thursday afternoon copper was stolen from a building in the 300 block of Fourth Avenue.

County reports

Darry L. Endicott, 50, of Burgoon, was charged with menacing Monday.

A 1000-block South TR 113 man reported Wednesday afternoon fraudulent charges were on his debit card.

A theft of medication was reported Thursday morning in the 14000 block of East CR 32.

Fostoria reports

Darrell R. Beard III, 19, of Findlay, was charged with loud sound Tuesday.

Roger S. Mesna, 42, of North Baltimore, was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments Wednesday.

A 1000-block Cherry Street man reported Wednesday evening someone threw nails in his driveway.

A 500-block West Tiffin Street woman reported early Thursday morning her house was broken into and two rings and a diaper bag were taken.

A 200-block West North Street woman reported Thursday morning her ex punched her in the mouth.

A 500-block North Union Street man reported Thursday morning his vehicle was ransacked.


Bascom fire and EMS and NBS fire were called to a field fire Wednesday afternoon on CR 7.

Tiffin firefighters were called to 25 Frost Parkway Wednesday night for a cooking fire that was confined to a container.

Tiffin firefighters were called to 781 Greenfield St. early Thursday morning for an unintentional smoke detector activation.

Bascom firefighters were called to CR 11 and TR 135 Thursday afternoon for a ruptured gas line.


Tiffin EMS had two squad runs Wednesday afternoon, one squad run Wednesday evening and one squad run Wednesday night. An ambulance also was needed once Thursday morning.

Bloomville fire and EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Wednesday evening.

Green Springs fire, Republic EMS and the Echo unit had a squad run Thursday morning.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Dustin H. Henning, Oak Harbor, pleaded no contest to possession of marijuana, six-month license suspension, permanent weapons disability, approved for restricted driving privileges after passing a urine screen, $278.

Eric M. Smith, 32 Douglas St., pleaded no contest to hit/skip violation, 30 days jail, 30 days suspended, make restitution, $635.

Wilner M. Marcelin Jr., 5 Miami St., operating vehicle impaired/under influence case dismissed upon motion of city prosecutor due to plea in companion OMVI case; pleaded no contest to operating vehicle impaired/under influence, 180 days jail, 165 days suspended, two-year license suspension, two years restricted plate, six months ignition interlock and SCRAM, Firelands for assessment, prohibited from ingesting any alcohol and entering establishment where sold/served by glass, six points, $940; pleaded no contest to driving under suspension, $250; pleaded no contest to disregarding safety, $35.

Christopher D. Canterbury, Arlington, pleaded no contest to no operator’s license, two points, $344; pleaded no contest to speed, $21.

Andrew K. Shirk, Willard, pleaded guilty to driving under suspension, two points, $592.

Jodie A. Vasquez, 444 Water St., Financial Responsibility Act suspension case dismissed due to an error by the BMV, costs to state.

Kristopher B. Ward, Bascom, domestic violence case dismissed upon entry granting state’s motion.

Tabitha R. Hale, Willard, pleaded guilty to speed, $167.

Rachel R. Mohr, 34 Sycamore St., pleaded guilty to speed, two points, $140.

Stephen L. Steinmetz, Tiffin, pleaded no contest to failure to reinstate license, $242.

Monica L. Wright, Bloomville, pleaded guilty to improper turn violation, $117.

Shane B. Justice, Bellevue, pleaded no contest to underage drinking, 30 days jail, 27 days suspended, $392.

Nathan P. Brogan, Findlay, pleaded no contest to three charges of theft, 180 days jail, 120 days suspended, 14 days credit, not eligible for early release, $622, $295, $268.

Colin J. Marshall, Bloomville, pleaded no contest to unauthorized use of vehicle violation, 180 days jail, 130 days suspended, pay restitution, $436; pleaded no contest to retaining stolen property, 180 days jail, 180 days suspended, $134; pleaded no contest to criminal trespassing, 30 days jail, $124; pleaded no contest to Financial Responsibility Act suspension, $842.

Leigh A. Brauer, 265 Elm Ave., retaining stolen property case dismissed for good cause shown, costs to state.

Michael D. Puffenberger, 173 Front St., pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct, $242.

Diann S. Phillips, 26 1/2 Sycamore St., pleaded guilty to improper/prohibitive turn violation, two points, $127.