Daily log, May 29

Tiffin reports

Matthew H. Holmer, 26, of Tiffin, was charged with domestic violence Saturday.

A 17-year-old boy from Tiffin was charged with juvenile delinquency and underage possession/consumption early Saturday morning.

A man went to the station Monday afternoon to report his girlfriend took his medication.

Kyle M. Baker, 19, of Tiffin, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana Monday.

A caller from Cool Creations, 706 S. Sandusky St., reported early Tuesday morning someone broke out a door window.

A 400-block Hedges Street woman reported early Tuesday morning someone broke into her boyfriend’s vehicle.

A 100-block Coe Street caller reported Tuesday morning a grapevine tree had been stolen.

A caller reported Tuesday afternoon a woman was using her car to hit other vehicles to make a bigger parking spot for herself in the 200 block of South Monroe Street. No damage was reported to either vehicle, according to the report. The driver had been attempting to parallel park.

An officer was requested Tuesday afternoon at Columbian High School, 300 S. Monroe St., in reference to a sexting complaint.

A 100-block East Market Street woman reported Tuesday afternoon a man threw keys at her neck and was yelling profanities.

A theft was reported Tuesday afternoon in the 300 block of Hedges Street.

County reports

Nathaniel A. Matthews, 30, of Bloomville, was charged with assault Sunday.

Austin J. Dewalt, 22, of Fostoria, was charged with disorderly conduct Saturday.

A first-block North SR 101 man reported Tuesday morning someone put sugar in his gas tank.

Fostoria reports

James L. Mathias, 27, of Findlay, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana for an incident May 3.

Rodney A. Geren, 55, of Risingsun, was charged with littering for an incident May 13.

Robert A. Coppus Jr., 27, of Fostoria, was charged with child endangerment Friday.

Shane A. Ludwig, 37, of Fostoria, was charged with theft Monday.

Mark D. Garza, 48, of Findlay, was cited with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and failure to control Monday. He also was charged with open container.

A break-in was reported Monday afternoon in the 900 block of Buckley Street. A door had been kicked in and several items were taken.

A 200-block West South Street woman reported Monday afternoon someone was in her house. According to the report, charges are pending.

A phone scam was reported Monday evening in the 800 block of Woodward Avenue.

An 800-block Woodward Avenue man reported Monday evening his house was broken into earlier in the day. Two guns, cash and jewelry were taken.

An assault was reported Monday night in the 100 block of Taft Boulevard. An ambulance was requested.

A shoplifter was reported early Tuesday morning at Circle K, 1245 N. Countyline St. A man was arrested, according to the report.

A woman reported Tuesday morning someone stole her ID and prescription pills while she was at a birthday party in the 100 block of East Eagle Street.

A 200-block West Tiffin Street man reported Tuesday afternoon someone broke into his garage. A light and a leaf blower were taken.

A person went to the station Tuesday afternoon to report an assault involving a woman.

A woman went to the station Tuesday afternoon to report a possible sexual assault involving her daughter. The incident is under investigation.


Fostoria firefighters were called to 725 Columbus Ave. Monday morning for an unintentional smoke detector activation.

Tiffin firefighters were called to 163 Clinton Ave. Monday evening for an authorized controlled burn.

Tiffin firefighters were called to 300 Melmore St. for a false alarm Tuesday.


Tiffin EMS had one squad run Monday afternoon, one squad run Monday night and two squad runs early Tuesday morning. An ambulance also was needed Tuesday morning.

Clinton firefighters were called to SR 101 Tuesday morning for a carbon monoxide alarm.

Tiffin Municipal Court


Robbie A. Smith, 1130 Wood St., failure to control case dismissed, entry granting motion to dismiss.

Nicholas P. Taylor, Attica, pleaded no contest to theft, 30 days jail, 27 days suspended, no trespassing at Tiffin Walmart, $380.

Shawn L. McPherson, Columbus, preliminary waivers on robbery and theft charges, bond continued, bound over to Common Pleas Court.

Abby J. Aller, Tiffin, pleaded guilty to river littering, 30 days jail, 30 days suspended, eight hours community service, $312.

Renee L. Poindexter, Tipp City, unauthorized use of vehicle case dismissed upon motion of city prosecutor for good cause shown, costs to state, warrant ordered recalled.

Glenna G. Collins, Bloomville, pleaded no contest to public intoxication, $242.


Corn: $6.87

Wheat: $6.64

Soybeans: $13.09