Auto restoration shop up, running

Jason Covert is seeking to rev up Tiffin’s automobile restoration market, hot-rod style.

Covert opened Kustom Persuasion, a restoration shop at 3189 CR 43, in July. He said while his focus is on automobile restoration and custom jobs, he will “restore almost anything.”

Covert has had a passion for working on vehicles since childhood and has been doing restoration projects on the side since 2003, working from home on his parent’s farm. Throughout the last decade, he said, business has increased, leading Covert to build a free-standing shop for Kustom Persuasion in 2010.

Now that Kustom Persuasion is running as a full-time shop, Covert said, his schedule for large projects is booked into next year. A full restoration requires about 250 hours of work, and Covert said the workload at the shop is best managed by taking on one large restoration job and a number of smaller projects simultaneously.

Covert said customers seem happy with the work done at KP, and he is “very appreciative of the work we get.”

Because his shop is a “family type of business,” Covert said Kustom Persuasion is able to maintain a focus on customer service and meeting individual needs of each client. In addition, Covert said, because his shop tends to have lower overhead costs, he is able to keep prices at KP “competitive to a little bit cheaper” than the competition.

At Kustom Persuasion, Covert provides a full range of restoration and customization services, in addition to collision and painting work. Not only does the shop service automobiles, he said, but also will work on bicycles, tractors, trucks, motorcycles and “anything else you can paint.” Covert said in the past he has worked on a variety of unique projects, from painting a bathtub to customizing guitars and helmets.

In addition, the shop performs rust repair and prevention, color matching and metal fabrication. Covert said he works with insurance companies and offers free estimates.

New customers, he said, receive 10 percent off.

Kustom Persuasions is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment. The shop can be reached at (419) 680-1116.