Find out about Venus and Serena Williams

Dear readers,

Venus and Serena Williams have transformed the world of professional women’s tennis. Their powerful style of play, sense of fashion and strong determination have made them heroes and role models to millions. Among many other achievements, these sisters have won Grand Slams and Olympic gold medals as well as the world No. 1 ranking in singles and doubles. They have had to compete against each other many times in big competitions.

“Who Are Venus and Serena Williams?” by James Buckley Jr. explains what it took to become so successful and the challenges these sisters faced to become the strong women they are today. You will learn about the cracked and weedy courts they first played on, the role their father had in their careers and the sacrifices the whole family made for the sisters. You will read about the trials and tragedies they have faced and how they overcame. Check out this new non-fiction book at the library today.

by Becky Oswalt