And the ‘counting’ begins

In 1999, Jennifer Karl purchased In Motion dance studio from its original owner and settled in Tiffin. The studio’s annual recital for 2014 is to celebrate the many dancers and instructors who have come and gone during that time.

“The song titles of our dances each incorporate a number or something related to counting. Since this is our 15th anniversary, we combined the best of both worlds and called the recital ’15 Years and Counting,'” Karl said.

The recital is to feature local dancers ranging in age from 3-18. They have been divided into two recital shows. Half of the classes are to appear in one show, at 7 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday. The other half are to dance at 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. All four performances are at The Ritz Theatre, 30 S. Washington St.

In addition to Karl, five instructors teach at In Motion: Laura Schalk, Brianne Schock, Kiara Almendinger, Danielle O’Quinn and Jackie Henney. Five graduating seniors are to give their final performance at the recital, including Karina Wade, who has been studying with Karl for 14 years. A Columbian High School student, she is to dance with three of her classmates, Heather Bell (12 years), Taylor Gillig (10 years) and Haily Welsch (five years) and with Mohawk High School student Michaela Cook (nine years).

“They will be doing a special senior dance in the recital, in light of their special year. These dancers have been at the studio for many years and will be missed dearly,” Karl said.

In Motion’s competition teams, composed of 44 dancers, are to present the dances they performed at four competitions in Ohio. Every student from September through May is to participate in the recital. The audience will see dancing in a variety of genres: tap, ballet, jazz, cheer-dance, lyrical, hip-hop, musical theater and acrobatics.

“This is In Motion’s first year offering acrobatics, and we are excited to include it in this year’s recital,” Karl said.

Recognition is to be given to 10-year students, who will receive a personalized plaque to acknowledge their dedication and commitment. This year’s 10-year students are Brittany Aldrich, Olivia Brown, Shayna Burks, Makenna Carter, Maya Clouse-Henry, Monica Davidson, Kacie Elchert, Taylor Gillig, Elise Gucker, Ryann Hartenstein, Kiersten Holman, Mckenzie Holman, Jena Ochier, Mallory Rife, Kathleen Root and Brooke Theis.

All seats for “15 Years and Counting” are $10.50. To obtain tickets, call (419) 447-7028.