Workshops to give Shakespeare insights

BELLEVUE – Free acting workshops are being offered for those age 16 and older at Bellevue Society for the Arts. David Ailing of Sandusky is to lead the workshops which begin at 6 p.m. Friday and continue once a week for six to eight weeks.

The focus of the workshops is the performance of Shakespearean drama with additional content based on the techniques of writer and director Konstantin Stanislavsky.

Actors of the Elizabethan era knew how to unlock Shakespeare’s hidden direction in the text. Therefore, the points explored will not be from a director’s point of view, but an actor’s, and how modern actors come to terms with the text. There are few absolute rules in acting Shakespeare, and many possibilities. These possibilities will be discussed by examining pieces of speeches and soliloquies to find how the text works.

Ailing has been reading and researching Shakespeare’s works for more than a decade.

To learn more, visit or call (727) 237-7104. Bellevue Society for the Arts is at 205 Maple St., Bellevue.