2024 Olympic Games will better than 2021

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 led to a global pandemic which wasn’t expected and may be classified as an unforeseeable circumstance resulting from events beyond anyone’s control. A legal term for this type of extraordinary circumstance occasionally is referred to as “Force Majeure” or an “act of God”in the same category as a terrorist attack, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, or volcano eruption. Many agreements simply list exclusionary events (e.g., war) instead of referring to a category of unforeseeable events. A disease pandemic, unfortunately, isn’t specified in many agreements.

Coordinating the Academic Experience with Olympians during the 2024 summer Games in Paris should prove to be much more of a collaborative effort than experiences with delegates in Japan. With four months before the original date of the 2020 Tokyo Games, there has been zero commitment by anyone in Japan to provide a location or assist in any way with the humanitarian program for underprivileged youth in the Olympic host city. Even a few YMCA directors in Tokyo turned down the opportunity to host a for a free program involving Olympians and college students engaging with area youth and providing “wag”bags filled with merchandise. A fee was suggested to involve an intermediary to arrange a location Requests from executives tied to a National Olympic Committee and the World Olympians Association have been refused.

After lamenting a year’s worth of frustration dealing with price gouging, uncooperative contacts in the Host City, and now the fallout from the delay to the 2020 Games in Tokyo, it was refreshing to hear good news about Paris 2024. The President of Horizons University in France reached out to reconfirm her commitment to collaborate on creating an exceptional experience for students and scholars in 2024. Yes, the 2024 Olympics in Paris will be easier to coordinate, more appealing, and simply BETTER than Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo and the hospitality industry has a challenge to restore public faith in the 2020 Olympics, whenever they occur. Many may remark that “usiness is still business”and a little extra spent on protection insurance goes a long way. Indeed, sports and the Olympics are a HUGE business, but human nature in the face of a global pandemic should allow for some flexibility. Here’s looking forward to Paris 2024 which WILL be convincingly better than everything associated with Tokyo 2020. Stay tuned for more fascinating sports stories from around the globe, around the nation, around the state, and right here in our community practicing social distancing in Tiffin, Ohio.