Why don’t you test your knowledge with a little sports quiz?

Don’t you just love to play sports trivia games? If you are a sports fan, you likely want to prove your ability to answer random questions about various sports. I will give you that chance today.

My dad had one trivia question that he liked to ask of my unwitting friends. His question: “What is the only pitch a pitcher can’t throw on the first pitch of a game?”

My buddies would think and think. They couldn’t come up with the answer. He would then grin and say “a change-up.” Why, my friends would ask, is that not possible. He would then say a change-up is a slower version of a faster pitch. How can you throw something slower if no speed has been established yet?

He had a point!

So here is the deal. I will ask a series of questions that will be numbered. The answers will be found at the end of the column. Good luck!

The legendary Man ‘O War is considered one of the best, if not the best, racing thoroughbred of all time. In his career he lost just one race. What was the name of the horse (1) to upset Man ‘O War?

The record for Formula 1 driving championships is seven. What driver (2) holds this record?

We know about all the sky scrapers who played in the NBA. But who is the shortest player (3) to have suited up in the league?

Who is the only player (4) to compete in a Super Bowl and a World Series?

In what country (5) did the sport of curling originate?

The Borg-Warner Trophy is presented to the winner (6) of what race?

What number (7) lies between 5 and 9 on a British dartboard?

What is the only country (8) to have played in each and every World Cup?

Who was the only coach (9) to win a Rose Bowl and a Super Bowl?

Who (10) holds the record for complete games pitched in Major League Baseball history?

What player (11) famously ran 66 yards the wrong way when he picked up a fumble in an NFL game?

What was the highest score (12) on a par 4 ever recorded on the PGA Tour?

The Cleveland Indians traded catcher Harry Chiti to the New York Mets in 1962. For whom (13) was Chiti traded?

What golfer (14) is credited with coining the term caddy?

Who (15) became the only player in major league baseball history to hit two grand slams in the same inning?

What term (16) is used for a score of 4 under par on a single golf hole?

What city (17) is the only city to win three different major sports championships in the same year?

How many (18) dimples are found on a golf ball?

Who (19) holds the NFL single season record for receptions?

Who (20) hit the “Shot Heard Round the World” at the Polo Grounds in 1951?

1 — Upset. If you were paying attention I gave you the answer in the question. The horse’s name was indeed Upset and the term has been used in sports jargon ever since for any unexpected win.

2 — Michael Schumacher. Today’s dominant driver, Lewis Hamilton, has five.

3 — Tyrone Bogues. Bogues took all of his 5-foot-3 to the NBA and played for 14 seasons.

4 — Deion Sanders. Prime Time won two Super Bowls and went to the 1992 World Series with the Atlanta Braves.

5 — Scotland. I would have guessed Canada, too!

6 — Indy 500. The Bog-Warner Trophy goes to the man who crosses the line of bricks first. He then gets to chug milk in Victory Lane.

7 — 12. Another situation where you may have surmised that I gave you the answer by making it question No. 7. Hey, why wouldn’t 7 fit between 5 and 9?

8 — Brazil.

9 — Dick Vermeil.

10 — Cy Young. Only two other pitchers had that many STARTS in their careers — Don Sutton and Nolan Ryan — let alone complete games. If you are looking for a record than may never be broken — this is one. Young’s 511 victories is likely another one!

11 — Jim Marshall. Despite players from both teams yelling at him, Marshall rambled all the way to the end zone for what he thought was a touchdown. When he tossed the ball away, he allowed his opponents to get a safety!

12 — 16. Were you thinking it was 12? Hey, I would only do that to you once. Kevin Na recorded his 16 in the Texas Open after driving the ball into the trees. Getting out of his predicament proved difficult and he was out of contention even though he was near the lead before teeing off.

13 — Himself. The trade was labeled as Chiti for a player to be named later. However, he was so bad in the 15 games he was with the Mets that he was sent back as the player to be named!

14 — Mary, Queen of Scots. If you got this one, you are a trivia wizard. In 1552, her majesty — the first known female golfer — had assistants called cadets that accompanied her. From cadets the term caddy was born.

15 — Fernando Tatis. I suppose you were expecting Babe Ruth!

16 — Condor. We are all familiar with a birdie, eagle and even an albatross (3 under), but a condor is 4 under par on a single hole. There have been four such scores verified, all aces on par 5’s.

17 — Detroit. You have to back to 1935 when the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings all won championships.

18 — 336. Every golfer knows this, don’t they?

19 — Marvin Harrison. The Colts wide receiver caught 143 balls in 2002.

20 — Bobby Thomson. In the famed “Giants Win the Pennant” game, Thomson connected off Ralph Branca of the Dodgers.

I have an autographed picture of the moment. Thomson signed it: Ralph Branca asked “why me?” I guess I could say the same thing “why me?”

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