Here are your local bowling league champions from Heritage Lanes

Invariably it is a bittersweet moment. One by one the lanes shut down. The quiet is welcomed, yet disconcerting. The bowling season, which began in September, has reached its long awaited end. You don’t know whether to shout for joy or shed a tear.

Bittersweet, I believe is a good word to describe one’s feelings.

Anyone who has ever participated in a bowling league knows that the season is inordinately lengthy. I guess compared to the NBA it’s not that bad, but then both bowling and basketball are winter sports and the hoopsters won’t be finished until June!

Thirty-two straight weeks doing anything can be a grind. As much as you love the sport, taking a break seems appropriate. Getting outdoors — weather permitting — is on your mind. So there is a sweet feeling for sure.

But also there is a bit of melancholy. You have just spent eight months with very good friends. You will keep in touch with some of them, but others you may not see until next bowling season. That can be a “bitter” pill to swallow.

So when the bowling season ends, bowlers are both happy and sad. For many it means the start of golf season. Others will find it difficult to deal with the fact that they won’t be bowling again for a few months.

For sure, there is one team that will continue to be happy after those machines shut down for the final time. That would be the league champions. Many people bowl just for the fun, but make no mistake, winning the league brings a smile to every bowler’s face.

Here ,then, is my salute to the 2017-18 league champions. Congratulations on your accomplishment. You will soon be back to defend that title and I wish you the best of luck.

We’ll start with the Saturday Morning Juniors. The Bullets took the title this year. Team members are Atreyu Sturgill, Marcos Herrera, Danielle Rosenbauer and Blaise Wagner.

The Alley Cats League is our last all-women’s league. This year the championship goes to Steamer’s. This team uses a vacant bowler they have named “Helen” for obvious reasons. The four team members include Kathy Echelberry, Monica Musgrave, Crystal Butler and Justene Tarris.

The winners of the Big 8 League was “Off Constantly” — or maybe not, considering they won the league. Shawn Fitch Sr., Rich Yates Sr., Brian Kidwell, Ken Bauman and Chris King comprised the winning team.

Webster laid claim to the crown in the Imperial-Majorette-Sportsman League. The championship roster included Kevin Fitch, Kevin Yarger, Mark Hendricks, Brad Fitch, Shawn Fitch Jr., and John Tyree.

The champions of the Sunday Night Rock N Roll League go by the handle Oreos. Team members include Brandon Cessna, Josh Aker, Nick Bumb and Jason Zirkle.

In the all-team roll off for the Wednesday Morning League, the ultimate team left standing was TMD All Stars. Team members are Dustin Fitch, Leonard Elchert, Dave King, Barney Nesselhauf and Craig Gosche.

The last league to wrap up their season was the Rocket League. They too had all four teams involved in the roll off. Big Jerk was the winner as Ellen Ewing, Jason Ball, John Miller, Mike Distel and Rodney Ohms made up the team. For Ewing, it was a continuation of a great bowling season. She had an outstanding City Tournament as well.

For my readers who prefer bowling stories, my apologies. You will have to wait until fall for your main choice of reading. For those of you who like the sport of golf, well, you only have to wait a week.

Normally I take a week to offer some other sporting news before concentrating on my main emphasis. This time will be no different in that regard, though next week’s column will be unique even for me. You will have to “tune” in to find out.

Once again I would like to congratulate all of this year’s league champions on a job well done.

Al Stephenson is The A-T’s bowling columnist.

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